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Tip on Getting Pregnant – Quality Sex

Tip on Getting Pregnant – Quality Sex

Tip on Getting Pregnant Quality Sex

One essential tip on getting pregnant which you should take into consideration is about the quality of your sexual act or how you can practice quality sex with your spouse. I am going to explain what quality sex is all about. May be you have practice it already, but I would just to remind you about the elements of quality sex related to getting pregnant in particular.

Perfect timing. Having sex is something spontaneous. This means that any time will be okay since the desire may arouse anytime. It is very natural for a couple to get excited when they are together and have sex whatever the situation is. A lot of couples have sex even in a hurry, while they are about to go to the office. This is reality.

Thus you can have it any time you wish. But if it comes to getting pregnant, there is a best time to do it which will provide you the highest possibility to get pregnant. This is the time where you are at the most fertile condition during your period.Tip on Getting Pregnant – Quality Sex

It is the time when ovulation occurs, which is the release of a mature egg (ovum) and being captured by the edge of the Fallopian tube where it starts to travel along the tube towards the uterus to meet the champion sperm and gets fertilized.

The highest possibility for the egg to get fertilized is around the estimation date of ovulation. This would be the best time to have sex. The recommended time to have sex to get pregnant is ranging from 3 to 5 days before and after ovulation.

Or in other words, a woman with a normal 28-day cycle, the best tome to have sex starts from the 10th day to the 17th day of the cycle. Some other experts suggest a time range of a week before and after ovulation. During these fertile days, having sex every other day is most appropriate.

Sufficient sperm count. This is one of the essential elements that should be taken into account. Women are often the accused for being infertile and disable to bear a child, while their spouse could be the cause as well. Not only sufficient, but the sperm should be healthy and does not bring any sexual transmitted disease.

Sex frequency. There is no exact formula on how often you should have sex. Having sexual intercourse should be spontaneously and desired by both party. It also depends on the readiness of each party. It is advisable to do sex every other day during your fertile period. A one day break is necessary to provide ample time for your spouse testicles to produce healthy and sufficient amount of sperms.

Physical conditioning. Having sex in a perfect physical condition is one tip to get a quality and satisfying intercourse. It is best to make your self ready to have sex. Take a bath and put a bit body cologne or perfume, so that you are clean and tasty. Washing your self, especially your intimate area before sex is good to keep cleanliness and hygiene and will help you to prevent diseases.

Environmental conditioning. Creating an intimate atmosphere will facilitate an enjoyable sexual intercourse. Soft music, aromatherapy candles, soft lighting are among the kind of things that might elevate your mood to the desired condition to have a satisfying sexual intercourse. Please not that foreplay is also an important act that determines the quality of sex.
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