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Three Signs Your Anti Vibration Engine Mounts Need Replacing by:Chris Gill

Three Signs Your Anti Vibration Engine Mounts Need Replacing by:Chris Gill

Whether you own a boat, car or a construction vehicle

, the engine's performance relies on more than the engine itself. Motors exist to impart motion; the more efficiently they do this, the better your vehicle operates. Properly functioning anti-vibration mounts are essential to safety, fuel efficiency and proper handling. With years of experience in anti-vibration mount technology, including marine mounts for boating, AV Products, Inc. has learned there are a number of important signs to watch out for that may indicate your vehicle's engine vibration mounts need to be replaced. Don't just trust in a static maintenance schedule, because your vehicle's actual workload is what really determines when you need replacements.

Visual Signs of Engine Mount Wear

As they age, the metal components of an anti-vibration mount system will look slightly different, but you should watch for corrosion and warps that change the part's shape. These will pass on extra wear to other parts, including any rubber components. When it comes to rubber vibration mounts watch for cracks, flaking and other signs of wear that would alter the way the engine loads on the mount. A machine mount relies on its proper strange and shape to function. Without both, the vibration reflected back from the mount will not properly cancel out the vibration emanating from the engine.

Finally, it's extremely important to note any deformation that would alter the mount's range of motion. Wear and tear can create to a smaller than normal range due to a bent section or a jammed part, or too much or a range due to gradual wear. Too much range of motion permits jams from foreign objects and damages the equilibrium between machine mounts, which must carry a properly balanced load to work properly.Three Signs Your Anti Vibration Engine Mounts Need Replacing by:Chris Gill

Sounds that Signal Your Anti Vibration Mounts Need Replacing

One of the big indicators your engine mounts need replacing is excessive engine noise, especially when the motor is idling. Part of the noise comes from increased vibrations. They aren't being dissipated, so they travel through the vehicle's body. The other part comes from the fact that as the engine fights more of its own built up vibrational momentum it has to work harder to reach the desired level of performance. This shows you that a good set of motor mounts not only make your vehicle safer, but keep its efficient.

If these noises progress to occasional sharp, clanging noises, you can't put off service any longer. This indicates that without vibration dampening, the engine is actually striking some other part of the vehicle. Occasionally, it even means that your motor has shaken loose an important component. In situations like this, don't take chances - open it up and take a look.Three Signs Your Anti Vibration Engine Mounts Need Replacing by:Chris Gill

Performance Indicators

One of the most common signs that your vehicle's anti-vibration mounts need replacing is that it lurches or shifts as you get it moving. Another signal is that the vehicle becomes more difficult to handle over periods of continuous operation - times when vibrations build up in the engine and aren't properly dissipated by its mounts. These events signal the need to deal with the problem immediately, because handling issues are safety issues - and it always pays to be safe.

About the author

AV Products, Inc. is a leading supplier of mobile and stationary machine mounts for industrial and marine applications, including marine mounts for workboats and pleasure boats and rubber vibration mounts for power generation systems and construction vehicles. For inquiries, call toll free at 866-496-5654 or email
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