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This All Became Job Number One For Prince

This All Became Job Number One For Prince

interior minister and counterterrorism chief, Prince Mohammad bin Nayef

, says former CIA chief Hayden.

This all became job number one for Prince Mohammad in 2003, 2004, when al-Qaida violated an implicit ceasefire within the kingdom and began to conduct attacks in Saudi Arabia, killing Westerners, much, much, much angering the king and his security services, and at which point Mohammad bin Nayef, or MBN as we diagnostico automotriz know him, began a very aggressive campaign in opposition to al-Qaida in Saudi Arabia, Hayden says

The Saudi crackdown led to many al-Qaida leaders fleeing south across the porous border to Yemen, where they formed AQAP. Former FBI agent Ali Soufan, author of a book, The Black Banner, about his role as an undercover agent against al-Qaida, says AQAP has become the most deadly of all the al-Qaida franchises.

What makes Al-Qaida within the Arabian Peninsula special is that these individuals and members, core members of the group, were actually the closest edition of bin Laden s al-Qaida that we have today from the world, Soufan says. There s many al-Qaidas, and they are connected with each other and work with each other. But many of them joined al-Qaida after 9-11. But Al-Qaida within the Arabian Peninsula were people who were members of al-Qaida who worked for bin Laden, who trained in al-Qaida training camps.
This All Became Job Number One For Prince

And Yemen, Soufan points out, is literally in Saudi Arabia s backyard.

There s a lot of historic relationships, tribal relationships, family relationships even with those who are Yemeni members from the AQAP and people of Saudi Arabia, Soufan says. So the Saudis will be in a very good position, if they wanted to, to do an operation like this.

Former CIA chief Michael Hayden says the recent political upheaval in Yemen has given AQAP much more room to operate.

Although we appear to become successful going herramientas de diagnostico after leadership, we often know there are swaths of Yemeni territory now that appear to be under Al-Qaida from the Arabian Peninsula control and villages that are

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Some details for this report was supplied by AP.

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This All Became Job Number One For Prince