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The View from a Bucket Truck by:i80 Equipment

The View from a Bucket Truck by:i80 Equipment

Power linemen have a different vision of the world than most of us

. That's because they spend much of their time at elevations that most people don't climb to on a regular basis. Power linemen are the servicemen working for local telephone or utilities companies, along roadsides and city streets. Every day, they're lifted and lowered to places too tall for ladders so that they can fix some electrical or technical problem. And they see the world from their bucket truck.

Bucket trucks come in different shapes and sizes, but they all look pretty much alike. They have a bucket at the end of a hydraulic lifting system, which is mounted on the back of a large truck. The bucket can be made of metal, fibreglass, metal, wood or reinforced plastic. The bucket is designed so that the lineman can stand in and work from it, and he stores any tools or equipment needed in a storage bin. Some bucket trucks come with a duplicate set of controls so that the person in the bucket can manipulate the bucket's position. Similarly, some bucket trucks are designed with a single or double-arm boom, which provides extra stability.

There are safety measures that need to be put into effect. For example, the controls must be tested every day prior to the truck being used. And when the bucket is in use, truck brakes must be set. Similarly, the truck can only be driven when the bucket is empty. When used near electrical power lines, strict requirements must be followed, such as keeping to a specific distance, grounding overhead lines, and de-energizing procedures.

For a lineman, being at elevations has got to be a great feeling. After all, it's a choice of work environment. You wouldn't choose to work at heights, unless you love being above the rest of the world. But the biggest part of lineman's feeling of being top of the world has got to come from the knowledge that the bucket truck he or she is attached to, has gone through a stringent testing and inspection.

I 80 Equipment ( have a full-fledged inspection process, along with an external inspection and certification process. The final stage in the inspection bay involves a 77 point inspection, the signing off by the mechanic, and then an external inspection and certification process. I 80 Equipment know their job is to keep their truck operators safe. I-80 Equipment understands about getting the safest equipment and that's why they stand behind the reconditioning service they provide. They need to make sure the brakes, electrical system, engine, steering suspension and power transmission meet or exceed federal inspection. And that's not mentioning the body, cab, and tires.

They have over 50 trucks in stock, including altec bucket trucks, bucket trucks, boom trucks, crane trucks and digger derrick trucks. All of their trucks are listed on the website with mileage, gross weight, engine and fuel type and transmission. Range of brands include: Altec, Duralift, Hi-Ranger, Lift-All, MTI, Terex, Versalift. Accessories include augers, auger straps, buckets, bucket liners, winch ropes, and much more!

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