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The Top 5 Reasons You May Need Personal Deliverance

Reason 1

If you have an addiction to lust

There are many types oflust but today i am talking about sexual lust.

Have you ever seen a man or woman and just wanted sex with that person? well thats lust.

You may have done the deed and gone the whole hog and actually had sex with the person.

Afterwards you may feel used, or think why did i ever do that?

The complications from giving in to lust are many,

getting into fights with the persons partner/friends, getting a sexually transmitted diesease,

getting someone pregnant.

If this is you then you need deliverance

Reason 2

You may have an addiction to drugs, drink, gambling, eating disorders etc

Many addictions have a control over us, and many times you wish you were not addicted to them.

You may have tried many times to give up the addiction unsuccessfully.

You end up hating yourself and the addiction, and feel there is no way out.

If this is you then you need personal deliverance

Reason 3

You may find that you are always out of work

If you find this to be true for you, then you can bet that a demonic attack is coming against your prosperity.

If this is you then you need personal deliverance

Reason 4

You feel your family has curses coming against it

If you feel that bad things are always happening to your family as a whole, then you can bet that

A curse is at work.

Acurse can come in many forms, but the simplest way to get a curse into your life is by

consulting a witch, reading tarot cars, seeing a pyschic or clairvoyant, even reading horrorscopes.

All of these things will allow an unclean spirit to come in the form of a curse

If this is you then you need personal deliverance

Reason 5

You find something is holding you back from succeeding in life

You may find it hard to make headway in things like school, work promotions, relationships etc.

You can bet that demonic activity is at work

The good news is that there is a way to break these things.

Seek God and accept him into your life.

Seek a person who can do deliverance on your behalf.

Here are 2 people that are proven deliverance prophets.

go to

and ask for mark or suzanne, and if you want a double whammy ask for both.

just send an email asking for deliverance and in what area you need deliverance from.

by: mark russell cunningham
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