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The Top 5 Reasons To Buy A Cell Phone Stun Device

The Top 5 Reasons To Buy A Cell Phone Stun Device

There are many reasons to carry a tool of non-lethal self-defense with you at all times

. Here, in my opinion, are the top 5

Reason no. 5 The Cell Phone Stun Gun is ultra-powerful and when I say ultra-powerful I am talking about 4.5 million volts of attack-stopping powerful. You wont find many stun devices that pack more power than that. The majority of stun devices fall in the 100k-200k volts category on average. 4.5 million volts is enough to stop even the most hardened and viscous attacker dead in their tracks. After all, what good is having a weapon of non-lethal self-defense if that weapon is not effective in actually stopping an attack?

Reason no. 4 The Cell Phone Stun Gun is incognito and looks exactly like a real cell phone upon even the closest of inspections. This is great because many people might be intimidated by openly carrying a weapon of non-lethal self-defense. With this device one neednt worry about drawing others attention with a device that is obviously a weapon. Seeing as it is small and compact, like the real cell phone that it pretends to be, people can easily fit it into a purse or pocket and feel even less intimidated and uneasy about openly carrying a weapon.

Reason no. 3 They are easy to use and require no special training. One needs to simply turn the safety off and press the trigger switch and the device will send a jolt of high voltage electricity to the attacker.
The Top 5 Reasons To Buy A Cell Phone Stun Device

Reason no. 2 The Cell Phone Stun Gun is very safe, certainly much safer than alternative means of self-defense like a firearm. Also you neednt worry about accidentally shocking yourself with this device as it comes with two levels of safety been built in. The safety switch must be in the on position (this will cause an LED warning light to come on) and the trigger button pressed before the unit will operate. Also, even if the attacker is touching you while you shock him there is no shock back involved.

Reason no. 1 Last but certainly not least this device is a much more humane alternative to other forms of self-defense (i.e. guns, knives, bats, fists, etc.). Stun guns work so well in incapacitating an attacker because they send a high voltage shock. They remain non-lethal and rarely cause any lasting effects after a few minutes because that same shock of high voltage electricity is also low amperage. Contrary to belief it is not volts that kill a person, it is amps that prove deadly.

Stay Safe,

Carl Vouer

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