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The Survival Of Patients With Prostate Cancer Affects Their Income

Men are gaining more than 20 pounds after twenty years have a greater chance of contracting

prostate cancer than those who retain their youthful weight to old age. However, these data may vary depending on race and social status, say scientists. The researchers found that among the 84 thousand Americans of middle age, the white and African-Americans, if they gained weight after their age, the risk of prostate cancer is lower. Compared with white men, gained less than 4.5 kg, those who have recovered strongly, sick of this aggressive form of cancer are twice as likely.

Relationship between socioeconomic status of patients with prostate cancer and mortality from this disease has been repeatedly studied in the United States. However, the scientists wanted to know how unequal income effect on mortality from prostate cancer in Switzerland, where the health system is extremely high, and where spending on health and medical insurance are the highest among the largest countries in the world. Between 1995 and 2005, Dr. Elisabetta Rapiti, from University of Geneva, jointly with colleagues, conducted a regional study, which was attended by all members of the community who were diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Total for this time of prostate cancer were 2738 people. The patient was classified as a representative of higher secondary or lower socio-economic class on the basis of his workplace at the time of diagnosis. The researchers compared the characteristics of tumors and treatment program representatives of different socio-economic groups. Compared with patients with high socio-economic status, patients with low status had fewer chances to identify cancer. Also, they are more likely detected cancer at a later stage, and for the classification of tumors, they have passed less tests. In addition, the "poor" patients were rarely removed prostate, and instead, prescribed more often doctor control.

Patients with low socio-economic status the risk of dying from prostate cancer was two times higher than in all other patients. "The increase in mortality from prostate cancer among patients with low socio-economic status can be explained almost entirely of late diagnosis and insufficiently careful treatment programs. All this speaks about the unfair distribution of health care resources ", - said Rapiti.

The study authors believe that the reduction of socio-economic inequalities in health should be the top priority policy to protect public health. Without exception, all patients should have access to prevention and early diagnosis of diseases and should be entitled to receive standard treatment. If all of these recommendations are met, then identify socio-economic component of mortality from prostate cancer may disappear.

by: Michael Smith
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