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The Risks Associated With A Crestor Treatment

The Risks Associated With A Crestor Treatment

Crestor is the name of one the strongest cholesterol medications available on the U.S

. market. As a considerable number of U.S. citizens suffer from high levels of cholesterol and a healthy diet and physical exercises are not always enough, the drug is relatively popular. Its manufacturer claims that it can reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the body with up to 50%. Unfortunately many of the patients who decide to begin a treatment are not properly informed about the risks and potential side effects.

First of all, the drug should not be taken at all by the following groups of patients: those who suffer from liver, kidney or thyroid disease, pregnant women or women breastfeeding, individuals drinking a lot of alcohol, patients who are having surgery or those taking anticoagulants.

Beside these risk groups all patients can develop side effects but those are regularly mild and temporary. The most often reported problems include: weakness, dizziness, muscle pain, headaches, constipation and abdominal pain. However in case these symptoms persist or worsen patients should consult their doctor, because they could be the signs of severe muscle damage.

Other possible symptoms are not common and they can indicate severe allergic reactions, kidney, liver or heart failure. These symptoms include:

Extreme weakness, fatigue or muscle pain


Difficulty breathing or swallowing

Pain in the chest

Yellowing of the skin or eyes


Swelling of the face, lips or tongue


Heart failure is probably the most severe problem patients might face. It consists in the hearts inability to pump sufficient blood into the body. Certain patients are more likely to develop the condition, like those suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, coronary artery disease or who had a previous heart attack. Although the exact relationship between the use of Crestor and heart failure has not been established, until new research will be made, patients from the above mentioned risk groups are advised to avoid taking the medication. If however a patient already suffered severe injuries, consulting a rosuvastatin heart failure attorney might be a wise thing to do.

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The Risks Associated With A Crestor Treatment