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The Points To Consider Before Accepting Job Offers

The Points To Consider Before Accepting Job Offers

It is not uncommon to plan a new career even you are past your fifties

. That the fact that companies prefer a younger work force is true but then there are some jobs that cannot do without a rich experience, like writing for example. If you like watching TV then search through dish TV offers and order the one that fascinates you and watch the anchors. You will be surprised that most of the respected ones are past their forties and well even into the sixties. That buttresses the fact that age and experiences are something that employers cannot ignore, and for the prospective employee it is a rallying point on which they can negotiate over the offers they get.

Remember that when you are planning a new career you are saying goodbye to something that was not really to your liking. That means you would have targeted new goals, ambitions and even how you wish to be compensated for your efforts. So when you receive an offer letter from an employer, first make an honest evaluation of what your goals are going to be against the expectations of the employer. If you see something incompatible then it should be more prudent to look elsewhere rather than regret over having accepted it.

One of the reasons why people look around for new careers is that they find the present job unchallenging. But also take note that taking up an entirely new career is a difficult task to accomplish, unless it is related to what you are into at present, at least remotely at that. If you get a senior position it should work out better, like for example guiding new recruits and training older forces. If taking up new challenges is not your cup of tea then better tell your prospective employer about that, and stay fixed to what you are good. There is always someone who needs your expertise, whatever it might be.

Check with your employers if you will get the opportunity to use your existing skills and education. If they will not then better you don"t accept the offer. Learning something new and reorienting yourself to a new job means spending more time, and that you can ill afford late in your life. The best jobs are one that will build upon what you already know and is closely related to education. If you meet a new job requirement by undergoing a brief training it should work well for you.The Points To Consider Before Accepting Job Offers

Before accepting an offer find out what your growth opportunities in the organization are. If there are several positions that you can reach over a period of time, then it should work finely for you. However, make a self appraisal and see if more responsibilities are good for you. Accepting a superior position also means you will be accepting responsibilities for your subordinate"s shortcomings too. It can be too taxing, and unless you are physically fit enough the going may get tough and may reflect poorly upon your own performance.

If the offer is from a big company check how you will fit into the new environment. Chances are that you may have worked in a laid back company where everything was done leisurely. Corporate companies have managements that are totally divorced from ownership. You will even be taken aback from the way decisions are and information disseminated across the hierarch. At times they are bizarre and hard to understand if your previous work related to small companies. Finally don"t forget to negotiate a pay package that will see you through for at least the next three years, and what your premature termination benefits will be.

by: nathanbrown
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