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The Otaku in the World of Trucking' Sales by:i80 Equipment

The Otaku in the World of Trucking' Sales by:i80 Equipment

Talk to the no. 1 business blogger of the 21st century (who just happens to be Seth Godin), and he'll tell you, you want to be "otaku". Otaku is Japanese for 'a person with an obsession'. In today's workplace especially, you really can't get far without a healthy obsession or two. Otaku are specialists in what they do, and masters of their trade. They focus on one thing, and earn themselves the reputation of being exceptional at what they do.

The coolest thing about being "otaku" is that you don't have to do your own marketing buzz. Your business name becomes synonymous with the niche market you operate in. It becomes a household name, and if you're really successful, you become the Hover of the vacuum cleaners, the Apple of computers, or the Red Bull of energy drinks.

Being "otaku" involves doing business with passionate people who that understand and admire what you do, people who are one step ahead of everyone else, and who are so in tune with a particular marketplace that they hear you sneeze a fraction of a second before you do. The sneeze is in reference to Godin's viral marketing, which once you've sneezed, spreads like a virus. In the world of truckin', being "otaku" means being a trucker at heart, understanding the equipment you're selling, and loving the feel of oil and grim that only a digger derrick trucks mechanic knows.

I've heard sales guys being asked, is it the product or the sale that motivates you? In trucking sales, it's got to be the product. There is just no way, a seasoned sales person can get their head around all there is to understand about bucket trucks, grapple trucks and boom trucks, and the reconditioning process, and hydraulic repairs, if they're not passionate about being behind the wheel of a truck themselves. It's like asking a used car dealer to sell IT hard-drives. Ask them to explain megabytes and gigabytes and RAM. Buyers have a 6th sense. They can always tell when the seller really gets what they're talking about, or not.

I-80 Equipment Company ( is a trucking company with a finger on the pulse of their industry. They operate nationwide, and ship nationally and internationally. They offer a full range of trucks for sale and for rental. And having been in the business for over 15 years, since 1992, this means their focus is on the client. Let them do the asking, and you'll find their needs assessment is dead-on. They know their trucks because they love what they do. It's a simple as that. They've got "otaku".

Visit their website, to see color photos, detailed descriptions and prices for a variety of used altec bucket trucks forestry trucks, boom trucks, crane trucks and digger derrick trucks. They have over 50 bucket trucks in stock and most of these trucks are featured in live high-definition videos. You can sign up for email alerts of new acquisitions on their expanding lot.

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i80equipment is an online New & Used Bucket Trucks store. Offers a wide variety of Bucket trucks, Boom Trucks & Crane Trucks.
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