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The Mobile Phone Rules And Etiquette Part 1

The Mobile Phone Rules And Etiquette Part 1

There are mobile phone etiquette and rules? Of course they are

, some of them we may already know and do and others might just be new to us. Since people tend to use their phones almost anytime, anywhere; these rules have been made so that people on both sides can benefit from communicating on their phones. Since the phone is a tool for communication, we should be responsible cellphone users.

So here are the first three of the mobile phone etiquette rules that you should be aware of:

1. Group Messages. Isn't it just annoying to receive a text message about something that doesn't even make sense. And what's worse is that you send it to a group of people, or ALL the people in your inbox. Before you text, make sure that your message makes sense, is informative, is interesting or something that people would actually care about. It's okay that you forward messages that are inspirational, about life, love, quotes, etc. but just not personal texts such as "Oh my! My dog just ate a whole pack of lasagna", "I seriously hate that guy, he thinks he's so cool", "The beach in our city is the best, can't wait to get a tan", etc. Who seriously would want an update of your daily routine every minute of the day? Most people do that especially teenagers and younger adults. It's pretty annoying and a waste of memory space. When you are sending group texts, save it for those occasions, invitations, seminars, updates, and others that everyone can actually get some information and benefit from.

2. Booty Texts. Beware the booty texts. This is similar to the one mentioned above but it's on a more personal and sexual side. Meaning, you send tons of the same message to several or groups of people at the same time. You can cover a lot of territory by just creating one message. The thing is, people who do booty texts find it more convenient just to send a message than make a call. They would make it sound personal when it fact you are receiving the same texts as 20 other people in his/her inbox. In the booty text territory, the person sending the text would want the other person feel that he/she is special, that he/she is giving him time and effort when it's the opposite, they are hitting far too many birds with just one stone and the chances for success is pretty high. Unless you are really sincere and don't want to break people's trust in you, don't ever do booty texts.The Mobile Phone Rules And Etiquette Part 1

3. Call screening. Some people just make it pretty much obvious that they don't want to talk and therefore screen numbers on their phone. It's okay to do it sometimes, it's acceptable but doing it much too often is not. I mean, you have to talk to these people now and then. Screening calls can come as an insult especially when it has been disgracefully done so. You can screen calls to people you are annoyed with, or to those you just had a fight with, or you don't want to be found out on where you are and what you do. It's okay that you screen calls, but sometimes overdoing it could be one of the reasons why people would distance themselves from you. They are trying to contact you but you keep delaying and screening them, at least cancel the call screening and accept calls in your convenient time.

So that was just the three of the mobile phones etiquette that you should be aware of. Are you breaking any of those mobile phone etiquette? Well, it's never too late to straighten out your mobile phones etiquette.

by: Andrea Carless
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