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The Medicaid System Provides Good Benefits To Needy Families With Children

The Medicaid System Provides Good Benefits To Needy Families With Children

The terms Medicare and Medicaid might be confusing to most people

, including those who receive help from them. While both help low income individuals and families with health care they serve different needs. Medicaid was created to meet the health care needs associated with pregnancies and children of low income families that need assistance. Medicare however was created to help meet the health care needs of the disabled and elderly, but is not associated with income.

Of the two, Medicaid has the strictest guidelines and does not allow benefits to be extended to those beyond the definitions of poverty. This coverage serves pregnant women as well as follow up care and children within the age limits. Medicaid does not extend coverage to any other family members regardless of health issues or financial status. This plan only covers those who fall within the expressed guidelines.

Low and middle income families that have children, can receive either free or very low cost medical care. These additional benefits were added to Medicare, but might be called something different in your home state. Even if your income is on the high side of the scale, the small premium payment you might be required to pay, makes this health care still very affordable.

Before you qualify for or receive any Medicaid benefits, you have to apply for the benefits. These benefits allow you excellent care with no expense paid to the provider out of your pocket. However if you do not qualify for any Medicaid benefits, you might qualify for other help from another office when your application is forwarded on to that office. Those who do receive Medicaid benefits could also encounter a problem finding a health care provider who will take on a new client with Medicaid. Should this ever be a situation you are confronted with, just contact and report the problem and the details to a Medicaid office.

For those who can not afford health care coverage for their children, Medicaid does really help. If you find out that you are pregnant and don't have health insurance Medicaid will cover all your care for you, so contact your local office and fill out an application. Medicaid does not consider pregnancy a pre-existing condition like most other health insurance companies do and they are usually able to help just about any pregnant woman who is in need of health insurance coverage.

by: Ethan Kalvin
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The Medicaid System Provides Good Benefits To Needy Families With Children