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The Last Propane Stove You Will Ever Need To Buy!

The Last Propane Stove You Will Ever Need To Buy!

You want the strongest portable propane camp stove on the market

. The features this stove will need begin with the shell or casing. A three millimeter thick diamond plate shell is a good place to start. Heavy duty piano style hinges to easily adjust the cover and wind baffles. This will give you the upper hand when preparing a meal while encountering some wind. To control the gas supply, the stove will need to have brass fuel valves and supply components. They will provide the most safety and dependability. Stainless Steel 15,000 Btu burners that are easy to remove and clean will make the cleaning up process after you have prepared your delicious meal a snap. Having a safe and sturdy platform for your pots or pans to cook on is essential too. A heavy duty stainless steel cooking grate will deliver on that.

The Tuff Stove is the strongest portable camp stove ever built. It can be found in two colors, black and silver. The two burner version weighs in a seventeen pounds and provides a large eighteen by twelve cooking area that provides room for larger pots or pans. Once you flip up the cover and swing the wind baffles in place, youre prepared to cook. The largest Tuff stove is in the four burner stove variety. The stove when closed measures in at eighteen by twelve with a thickness of seven inches. Once the stove is open it measures eighteen by twenty four with a height of three and a half inches. The four burner stove does not provide any wind baffles. If you encounter a wind problem while in use you will need to find some other object to deflect the wind away from your stove. Make sure you put it in between the wind and the appliance. It could be as simple as putting your cooler in the way of the wind. Be creative. A custom propane hose with a regulator is provided with the camp stove. This gives your use of the camping stove more versatility by being able to attach hose and regulator to a twenty pound tank or even a one hundred pound tank. The fuel consumption will be dictated by how many burners are being used and the adjustment they are at.

In conclusion, The Tuff stove is the strongest portable propane stove on the market and could be the last stove that you would ever need to buy. Get prepared today and find your very own Tuff stove and bring it along with all your family adventures. Get the family packed and go camping!

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The Last Propane Stove You Will Ever Need To Buy!