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The Effects Of Domestic Violence On Kids

The Effects Of Domestic Violence On Kids

It was horrible every time to hear those howls from my neighborhood

. Many times I had tried to launch a complaint against my neighbors and I even threatened them too. Unfortunately the lady of that house once came and told me not to take any action against her husband because her husband might do the same with her kids also. It was painful to listen to those screams.

Though, I had nothing to do but sit at my home and be a witness of that daily episode. However, one day the saddest thing happened. The lady whom I was seeing got beaten up by her husband every night, committed suicide. I found myself the reason behind it, because had I have taken the initiative, the lady wouldnt have died. Domestic violence is one of the evils of society and takes place in many parts of the country. However, parents while performing their negative acts often forget about the effects of their doings that will be left in the minds of their kids.

Kids who witness domestic violence undergo risks such as the risk of coming into contact with traumatic events, the risk of abandon, the risk of being directly ill-treated, and the risk of losing parents. All of these may give birth to negative results for kids and may have an effect on their security, safety, and constancy. Childhood troubles linked with experience to domestic violence come under three primary types:

It may lead to behavioral, societal and emotional issues such as Higher levels of violence, annoyance, antagonism, oppositional actions, and insubordination; terror, nervousness, abandonment, and despair; poor peer, sibling, and social relationships; and low confidence
The Effects Of Domestic Violence On Kids

Other problems like cognitive and attitudinal problems may occur as well. Lower cognitive performance, poor school presentation, lack of disagreement resolution skills, partial problem resolving skills, pro-violence attitudes and faith in inflexible gender label and male dispensation

In fact long-standing problems also occur such as higher levels of adult despair and disturbance warning signs and increased patience for and use of aggression in adult relationships.

Parents dont realize but they themselves make harm to their children. Children, who witness such violence at their home, sometimes turn out to be criminals, because they think that it is quite normal to get involved with such actions.

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