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The chat box in Darkfall online

The chat box in Darkfall online

Author: hally

There are multiple tabs for the chat box. The number of tabs are similar with the different channels, such as group, clan, local, tells, and alliance. There is a problem with this, and that it is this becomes easy to miss messages. Let us put it in this way: when you are currently in your group chat tab, you run around in order to get some troubles, and to not your disappointment, you run across another player and kill him. But the fact of this accident is like this: the play you encounter want to get the permission to take part in your group and is the hope of providing you with some valuable information. You just missed everything, solely because his text was under the local tab that you were not looking at because you were talking in group. This message is to tell you that you have to pay careful attention to the various tabs, otherwise you are bound to miss a tell or message in another channel. The solution to the commonly occurred issuer is to click and drag those tabs out to create new chat window for that channel. This also means that creating a different chat box for each channel can start to clutter up your screen. Some people hold a opinion that the chat would be better served with multiple channels in the same tab, and leaving it up to the user to decide which channels they want to see in each tab. Aventurine has already started to further revamp the chat. There will be less of an issue in the future.About the Author:

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The chat box in Darkfall online Ashburn