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The Best Way To Find Inexpensive Dental Plans by:Joe Stewart

Whether you're aware of it or not, there are still inexpensive dental plans available out there

. The difficulty that most people have in finding them is that they're still looking for traditional dental insurance, which, unfortunately, is not the way to go nowadays.

A few years ago many people were able to get dental insurance through their work, but now most employers simply can't afford dental insurance, or health insurance for that matter, which leads many people forced to find something in the private sector or pay full price out of pocket for their dental work.

The inexpensive dental plans at all is referring to are not dental insurance, but are known as discount dental plans. Discount dental plans, also known as dental discount plans, are simply a discounted fee-for-service program were certain qualified dentists will give substantial discounts to their patients if they'll pay cash at the time of their visit. If you think about it, this is an excellent deal. The me give view an example of the type of savings that you can enjoy by using a dental discount plan.

Let's just say that you are in need of Single Crown - Porcelain on Noble Metal. Now this is only an example, but this should give you a general idea of what you could expect by buying one of these inexpensive dental plans. The usual cost for this type of procedure would be in the range of $850.00, however, by using one of these inexpensive dental plans, and paying cash at the time of the visit, you can reduce your cost only down to $455.00. That is a savings of $395.00 off of the regular cost just for paying cash when you see the dentist.

This particular example was based on the Scottsdale, Arizona area. Your actual savings could be more or less, depending on the area in which you live. Savings tend to be higher in metropolitan areas because there are more dentists there and they are more competitive.

The cost for this particular plan is only $119.95 for an individual or $159.95 for a family for an entire year. If you deduct $159.95 from the $455 savings in the above example, you'll end up with a total savings of $295.05 just on this one procedure alone.

If you're an individual and deducted $119.95 from the $455 savings, then your total savings would be $335.05 off of this procedure. Keep in mind that you still have the entire year to get any other dental procedures taking care of that you might be in need of. I recommend that you take the opportunity to look into these inexpensive dental plans.

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The Best Way To Find Inexpensive Dental Plans by:Joe Stewart