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The Best Teeth Whitening Options For 2012

Other benefit of teeth whitening procedures aside from the change of the teeth"s appearance is that it also improves self-confidence

. Many people have lack self-esteem because of their teeth's dark color. Some are even afraid of personally to anyone because they are afraid of getting discriminated because of their teeth. Teeth bleaching industry has somehow made a change on people"s lives after considering teeth whitening treatment procedure.

Hydrogen peroxide has been the main ingredient in various teeth bleaching products or procedures being offered in cosmetics dentistry industry. Peroxide has enormously changed the way teeth whitening procedures whitens teeth. The average content hydrogen peroxide that is put in teeth whitening is about 10% although there are some options containing 16 to 22%.

Teeth Bleaching Options

Here are some of the teeth whitening options that are available in the market.

1.Whitening Toothpastes this is the most common teeth whitening option that many people are using. Aside from its low cost it is really not that hard to do because brushing with whitening toothpastes is just a normal task to do. Although normally whitening toothpastes take longer time to get result, it really works effectively.

2.Bleaching Gels and Trays this procedure normally takes two hours or more every day depending on the amount of hydrogen peroxide present in the tray. This method takes two weeks to get the best result but depends on how dark the teeth are.

3.Whitening Strips this method uses thin strips usually with hydrogen peroxide whitening gel. This is one of the inexpensive ways of teeth whitening option.

4.Natural Whitening Products this method is really the most inexpensive method among all the options. This is because all the ingredients can be found inside the household such as baking soda which the main ingredient for making natural whitening product.

5.Office Bleaching this option is done in the dentist"s office which is known to give the best result. Although this procedure is quite expensive the result can be seen immediately.

6.Laser Teeth Whitening laser treatment is the most expensive way of treating teeth to get whiter. Although this procedure may take an hour or so in the dentist"s chair, result can be seen immediately after the session.

But before trying any of these options it is still best to ask a professional who knows about bleaching processes and bleaching methods to get whiter teeth.

by: Piter Pan
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The Best Teeth Whitening Options For 2012