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The Being Pregnant Lore

The Being Pregnant Lore

The Being Pregnant Lore

When you began telling individuals you were expecting is the second you started hearing all of the old-wives tales about being pregnant. Individuals entire heartedly believe in these tales and swear by them, so what is fact and what is fiction. We've dug into some of these myths to let you know if you should believe them

. This isn't accurate; a baby's coronary heart rate can vary from 110- to 180 and will change depending on baby's activity and even in different developmental stages. heart ratewas more than 140 it was a girl

Keeping active when you are pregnant is a must. You will not be running a marathon, but you also just will not be sitting watching soaps and eating bon-bon's. So Put no store in the old-wives account that says you should not lift up your hands over your head. Keeping vigorous is important and only helps you and the baby keep healthy.The Being Pregnant Lore

One of the most strange old-wives tales consists of peeing into a cup of Draino to resolve your baby's gender. Ok, so who was the first person to consider this and precisely why? Supposedly if you pee into a cup of Draino crystals and they turn green it's a girl and if it changes to brown a boy. Don't do this, first there isn't any truth that this works, but most importantly there are strong chemicals in Draino, and if you inhale you could become sick.

Have you had a lot of heartburn with your pregnancy? For those who have then there exists a good chance that your baby is going to have a lot of hair. Yes this is one old-wives tale which has some truth. John Hopkins University research showed that 82% of times whenever women reported that they had moderate indigestion, they indeed had an infant with a lot of hair. Estrogen and progesterone are what produces hair on newborns and this could have effect on you throat thus producing heartburn, So finally we have found a myth that has some truth to it medically.

Undoubtedly the most common wives-tales is concerning the way you carry the infant. Carry high or wide it is a girl; bear low and narrow it is a boy. Yet again, wrong! How you carry the little one has more to do with your torso than the gender of your little one

You no doubt are going to be amazed at the things you will hear when you are expecting. Many of these myths are so preposterous you will wonder how they ever got passed down. Keep in mind that for the most part they are lore not fact. And stay away from trying any that could do you and the baby harm.
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