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The Akita Shepherd Dog

The Akita Shepherd Dog

The Akita Shepherd Dog

They are not hard to train, but do need constant reinforcement for this dog has an independent spirit that needs constant reminding of who is in charge.

What is most significant about the Akita is its curled tail. The bushy tail goes up and curls over the back, and some breeds even have a double curl. Most Akitas live a long life as long as they are given a lot of exercise.

Training is essential with this breed. The dog is a very alert and responsive dog and its courage and loyalty are legendary, but as puppies they like to bite and if not trained to stop it can become a problem as an adult. Also, as I stated, they can be aggressive to other dogs, so having a bunch of Akitas to guard your property might not be the best idea unless you are a professional trainer.The Akita Shepherd Dog

They make great house dogs but can be very intimidating because of their size. Female Akitas get along better with kids, but it is never a good idea to leave them alone with children. What is interesting is that they get along well with cats and have been compared to be very catlike. Akitas clean themselves like a cat and some even bury their one feces making them the cleanest breed of dog.

The perfect owners of an Akita as a guard dog are those who have a family for this dog has a lot of personality and needs the stimulation of others to remain healthy and obedient. Love, discipline, and a big yard in Maine are essentials to enjoying Akitas.

The Japanese Akita dog is not for the faint hearted owner. It is a large strong powerful dog with a regal bearing and a sense of its own superiority. It's a loyal dog. Which, when trained to a high standard, makes a wonderful companion, but training is crucial to successful ownership of this dog.

It's a large spitz type dog, full of muscle and latent power, easily recognised by the tail which curls over the back. It has a thick powerful neck and powerful shoulders. The coat is a thick top coat and a soft undercoat. Like most spitz breeds it is a surprisingly quiet dog that is not prone to nuisance barking. Akitas only tend to bark if it senses trouble. When it does bark however it can be frightening.

The Japanese Akita dog is by nature a loner and does not mix well with other dogs.? Especially male dogs. If you are going to own an Akita then extensive socialization is need to get it used to other dogs and even then it's not the kind of dog you can allow to run free on a public park. It requires extensive supervision at all times.

The dog is very territorial and will guard its home space against strangers. This can cause problems when friends or neighbours call to your home, the Akita may not like this. Stubbornness is also one of its characteristics.

Think very carefully before committing yourself to this dog, do plenty of research. Many Akitas end up in rescue centres because their owners found that looking after the dog was too much for them and owning this dog is a challenge. Don't even consider getting an Akita if you are not a dominant person.

The dog will sense your weakness in no time and seek to take control.
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The Akita Shepherd Dog