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Teeth Whitening With Austin Dentist

Are your teeth stained or dull? Do you feel embarrassed about your smile

? If your answers are YES, you need Teeth Whitening! Teeth Whitening with your Austin dentist can give you pearly and dazzling white set of teeth with some of the latest range of whitening treatments. Many patients who have tried the over-the-counter Teeth Whitening products and internet products have been extremely unhappy with the results they achieved. If you want the desired whiteness of your teeth to last long, you must choose an Austin dentist who can give you a brilliant Teeth Whitening testament.

An Austin dentist cones up with a lot of Teeth Whitening options, which includes LaerSmile, Zoon, Turbo At-Home Teeth Whitening, Maintenance plans and Bleaching Refills. You may choose one or more of these whitening methods to ensure that your teeth get long-lasting white color.

Different Types of Teeth Whitening Options at Austin dentist Clinics

Your Austin dentist can give your remarkable LaserSmile. It is the fastest and the most convenient of all Teeth Whitening options available today, proven to be the safest and most efficient methods, it can give you instant results. In fact, you come to the Austin dentist with a stained smile and go back home with a stunning smile. You can expect up to nine times lighter teeth color. LaserSmile is an effective treatment that takes only 45 minutes to give you maximum benefits. Although it is an in-office treatment, you can get tough-up whitening kits with this method as well. Using high frequency laser light, this treatment can give you dramatic whiteness.

The next option is Zoom Teeth Whitening. Zoom is a combination of light technology with revolutionary 25% concentrated hydrogen peroxide gel that can whiten your teeth instantly. This is an in-office treatment that lasts for an hour approximately. The gel will be applied to your teeth for 2 times at an interval of 15 minutes. Patients might experience sensitivity to this bleaching process. Teeth will be lightened by 8 shades.

At Home Teeth Whitening with Turbo at Home

Turbo At Home is the latest procedure for patients who want to whiten their teeth at home. Genuinely, this is the most remarkable Teeth Whitening solutions offered by Austin dentist. Patients can come to their Austin dentist can give an impression of their teeth, both upper and lower. Custom-designed trays will be provided to patients that can maximize the effectiveness of bleaching. The pack contains 22% carbamide peroxide gel for whitening. The tray should be worn for one hour every day for at least 7 to 10 days in order to get best results. With this home treatment, one can expect up to 5 shades lighter teeth color within 10 days.

It is also very important to retain the whiteness of teeth that has been achieved after going through a treatment. Patients can now obtain the at home Teeth Whitening maintenance kits for maintaining the whiteness of their teeth. There are especially designed maintenance kits that come with 38% hydrogen peroxide, which can produce excellent results. Teeth Whitening treatment should be chosen carefully. Seek help from your Austin dentist to ensure that your choice is correct and effective.

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Teeth Whitening With Austin Dentist