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Teeth Whitening To Give You The Younger Look

Your smile speaks volumes about you. White teeth often lead the viewer to believe you find your health important, your appearance valuable and you look younger!

Frequently people who are ashamed of their teeth find it difficult to smile brightly in public. Watch a teenager who recently had braces placed on their teeth. Smiling may be difficult for a couple of days but their lack of enthusiasm about smiling and revealing the dental work goes on for months.

Tooth whitening products are more available over the counter and dentists are discovering more and more ways to whiten your teeth in the office. In fact, there are even home remedies that can be used to whiten and brighten your smile at home. Each tooth whitening procedure has it's pros and cons. The reality is that you must decide which procedures work best with your lifestyle.

Tooth whitening procedures in the dental office have expanded from just chemical bleaching to bleaching using a laser light (Zoom!). Not every dentist is able to use all the procedures available. Nor do the dentists want to be able to offer all the different methods. If you chose to use a dentist you should know that you'll need only one, possibly two, treatments. The dentist can fully evaluate your particular teeth to determine the best method to use on your stains, darkening or just aging teeth.

Tooth whitening procedures at home have a bit more variety. There are the trays, the strips and tooth whitening toothpaste. There are remedies that work in 3 days, 7 days, 2 weeks or over several months (toothpastes). In the case of tooth whitening products that are sold over the counter you'll find they are all easy to use. Each requires that you wear the product for a specific amount of time and no longer. With the strips you are able to speak, with the trays you must not hold a conversation or they'll slip.

There are also home remedies that use products you can find around the house. These remedies take longer than the standard 3-14 days of the over the counter products and definitely require more work and persistence than the one-shot dental office tooth whitening procedures.

Tooth whitening must be maintained. Although the process is usually good for six months to a year it isn't permanent. You can increase the length of time between maintenance by not smoking, brushing after eating foods that stain such as berries, and using a toothpaste that whitens.

There is one discomfort that some users find with over the counter tooth whitening systems and that is gum irritation. The irritation can have a couple of different causes. By eliminating the cause you'll decrease the irritation and discomfort. In some cases the trays aren't fit specifically to your mouth. Some products have trays that can be boiled and molded to the mouth which will eliminate this cause. Another cause of gum irritation is because you brush your teeth before the process and cause a mild irritation prior to using the gel.

Some basic home tooth whitening methods include the application of a paste of lemon juice and salt or rubbing the inner white part of an orange peel in the discolored areas. Some use the paste of bicarbonate of soda with water or dried and powdered Bay leaves combined with orange peel. All of these remedies will give you excellent results when they are used consistently

The trouble with all of the tooth whitening methods are that they require time and patience. In this fast, rush-rush society several months of treatment to get what the dentist can give in one hour isn't what people may seek out.

What ever process you chose be sure that it is one that fits your lifestyle and your beliefs. If you are having a difficult time wrapping your mind around using chemicals in your mouth with the dentist or at home you may be more inclined to use the home remedies, even

by: Andre Niemand
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