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Teeth Whitening Products That Actually Works

While teeth whitening treatment is gradually earning popularity as it truly deserves

, consumers are also increasingly spoiled for choices in terms of teeth whitening products that make various promising claims.

With an aisle full of choices and you get rather giddy with hope from each positive product claims, how do you exactly pinpoint products that work? Unfortunately, these self-acclaimed miracle products fall very short of their lofty claims. Instead of helping you achieve your ideal teeth whitening goal, these deceitful claims lead you to endure sensitive teeth and gums, uneven whitening, terrible taste and messy gel. In some more unfortunate instances, some products come with all of the above side effects and by the end of the day, you are left with barely noticeable results but yet, a barrage of new problems.

Fortunately, putting all the bad apples aside, there are still plenty of teeth whitening products that work extremely well. In general, some types of products just do not quite make it to the whitening efficiency list while others easily found their way in it. Products like whitening toothpaste, brush-on whitening gel and whitening strips are rather popular and are considerably cheaper than other products but they have major drawbacks as well. Whitening toothpastes are cheap and easy to use but do not expect much noticeable difference, if any. Moreover, brush-one whitening gel is inexpensive and easy to use but the blotchy, inconsistent results coupled with awful taste makes it not worth the trouble. Lastly, even though whitening strips prove to be far more effective than toothpaste and brush-on whitening and are even more convenient than some of the more powerful whitening methods, they require regular maintenance and the results are temporary.

What experts really approve of are custom whitening trays and whitening pen. Custom whitening trays offer you the luxury of getting the right balance of affordability and noticeable results. However, be willing to spend a little more for a quality kit because cheap trays might be uncomfortable and messy. Whitening pens are actually similar to brush-on whitening gel, but much more precise, efficient, with much higher quality whitening ingredients and no bad taste.

The key to finding products that work for you is to get the right balance of price and quality.

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