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Talking Globe, Why Young Children Should Discover Geography?

Talking Globe, Why Young Children Should Discover Geography?

I do believe, sadly, we are all guilty of assuming that everybody knows about where they are living

, but are not that familiar with where everybody else is from. For instance, My partner and I a short while ago met someone from Sweden - who was completely stunned that a few people thought there were polar bears walking around on the high streets of Sweden and that the capital city was Denmark... but she herself had no clue what the capital of Bolivia was (we met in South Africa, both traveling to expand our views and had an intriguing conversation with a woman from Bolivia - hence why I knowthe Swedish girl had no clue!).

Sadly I must say, one particular country which is renowned for its weak understanding in geography is America, where purportedly 6 out of 10 people today cannot find Iraq on a world map - a country which has been in the headlines more than enough to be recognized by most americans you would have thought. It is also very common for People in america to think that Europe is a single nation, not many distinctive ones!

I wish my parents had been more clued up with what the earth looks like and what countrys are where - they are still totally clueless! even with all my vacations and attempts to update them with the developments in the world. I think, if they'd tutored me more (and had the know-how to do so), I would have been much more understanding in my early traveling years, to the needs and cultures of men and women in different nations around the world. It would also have made it easier for me to describe to them why I needed to go travelling and discover the entire world on my own, personal terms!

My grandpa had an old world globe in his front room, it was and still is among the most stunning ornaments I have ever seen, because it represented the planet to me when I was growing up. Obviously, it was very old and outdated and I was not permitted to touch it...Talking Globe, Why Young Children Should Discover Geography?

Then when I had children of my own, I decided to encourage them into geography and to never keep this wonderful knowledge from them. I found the concept of a Talking Globe to be incredible - an easy method to teach and have fun at the exact same time! I ordered the Vtech Fly and Learn Globe for my kids and

they absolutely love it. They're able to pretend to be on a airplane with a friendly pilot who flies them around the globe and they learn

about all the wonders of the world, the numerous dialects and diverse music as they go! Amazing!

Another Talking Globe I used is the Oregon Scientific Smart Globe Deluxe. It is superb for the whole family, as it provides challenging quiz games and interactive lessons as well as a facility to up-date straight from the Web.

It is remarkable how much owning a Talking Globe has transformed our family - my children now understand information about the places I have visited, and which ones they would like to check out when they are older. It allows them to dream and envision that they are soaring around the world - what more could you possibly want?

by: Johan Viva
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