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Taking care of feet and sole when involved with elder care

Taking care of feet and sole when involved with elder care

Corns and Calluses. This is caused by bones in feet rubbing against the shoe and results in rough skin. You can wear special shoes or put extra padding in your shoes to prevent this.

Warts. Viruses cause these skin growths. They can generally be treated by over the counter medications.

Bunions. When the joints in your big toe no longer fit together, they can become swollen and tender. Treatment can include wrapping the foot, wearing special shoes that pad or protect the tender areas from friction, surgery, or physical therapy.

Ingrown Toenails. If you do not cut your toenails straight, the nail can break the skin if it grows back at an angle. This may causes bleeding and discomfort. Cutting nails regularly or removing the nail with surgery is used to treat this condition hammertoe. When the tendons that control toe movements shorten, the toe knuckle grows and pulls the toe back, causing the joint to stiffen over time and rub against the shoe. This can interfere with balance. To treat this, people can either wear socks and shoes that provide more room and comfort or get surgery if necessary.

Spurs. Stress on the feet can cause calcium bumps to grow on the bones of feet. This can become more uncomfortable if more stress is put on those areas by poorly fitting shoes or standing for long periods of time. To relieve symptoms, people can wear foot supports, foot pads, or get surgery if needed.

Swelling. This can be a sign of more serious problems. If you have consistently swollen feet, you should see a doctor.

So if you are involved with elder care you need to take care of their feet as well. For more details over elder care issues you can log on to:

Taking care of feet and sole when involved with elder care

By: Michael Vaughan
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Taking care of feet and sole when involved with elder care