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Sylvanian Families For Kids

If you're looking for a great gift for your children then look no further than Sylvanian families

. Sylvanian families are a brand of toys that are small anthropomorphic animals that can come with a range of different props and accessories.

The toys are perfect for children as a safe and inoffensive thing for them to play with and as a great tool for them to learn about family life, interior design, jobs and animals. Using Sylvanian families it is possible for them to act out family relationships, dramas and jobs (many of them come wearing the attire of particular professions). This can then help them to better understand the way the world works with your help and can also provide a great insight into their mind. Because they are just animals this means that every child will like them (children it seems universally adore animals) and at the same time you have the benefit of them being small toys with no breakable parts, nothing for them to choke on or swallow and nicely soft with no sharp edges. They can be educational then and they are safe, and at the same time it gives children the benefits of a doll such as Barbie and an animal such as a rabbit or badger at the same time.

These are also great for all age groups. The anthropomorphic animals are appealing to all ages and even the youngest children will enjoy playing with soft animals before they enjoy dolls though at the same time the large dolls' houses they can come with and other props can be older for much older children. They also make a fantastic collection and look very good assembled on a shelf or desk, and they're not just good to collect in childhood either they can also be fun when you are older and these collections may even be worth a fair bit once you reach a certain age.

Sylvanian families are no longer just toys either but also a much larger brand that also incorporates video games and more. This means that a lot of children are aware of them and that they have remained hip and relevant. The toys though have been going since 1985 meaning that they have a certain amount of history and heritage. They were created by a Japanese company called Epoch but since have been distributed by a number of companies. The toys come grouped into families so you get multiple animals in a pack making them ready for playing with. The families are traditionally beavers, mice, rabbits, hedgehogs and bears, but they have recently become more diverse in order to include animals like meerkats, monkeys and koalas. In the 1990s they became hugely popular and a large fad, and have since been reinvented several times in order to become more in keeping with the times. In 1987 there was even a hit animated television program which gave the characters more personality and created stories that the children could engage with their own toys at home.

by: Horace Stacy
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Sylvanian Families For Kids