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Supporting How Kids Learn Best

Supporting How Kids Learn Best

Using the Learning Styles Model and Multiple Intelligence Theory in the Classroom

Although learning styles theory and multiple intelligences (MI) theory are different, they can be incorporated to help kids learn in many ways. Learning styles theory has to do with differences in the process of learning, while the theory of multiple intelligences is more content-oriented. Both theories highlight that people are distinctive and learn differently. Lets look at how you can get used to these theories for the kids in your classroom.

Learning Styles Model

Early childhood care and education developed the Learning Styles model and planned for it to be used as a tool for organizing the classroom to react to kids individual styles and needs. The five areas that affect learning: environment, emotions, social, physical, and psychological. Within each of these dimensions, there are numerous elements, which will be described below, that influence each child differently. The childs preferences can change with age, are not fixed, and can be influenced by cultural background or gender.


Sound. Some kids like calm surroundings, while others prefer or dont mind noise.

Light. Certain kids prefer bright lighting. Others work better in a faint environment.

Temperature. Some kids like it cool; however, others want to be warm or humid.


Motivation. Some kids receive their inspiration from the teacher or parents, while others are self-motivated.

Persistence. Certain kids stick with a project to the end. Others need constant support to keep going.

Responsibility. Some kids can work separately, while others need more management.


Self. Some kids work best alone.

Pair. Other kids like to work with another child.

Adult. Some kids like to work closely with an adult for guidance.


Perceptual. Visual learners look with their eyes to gain information. Auditory learners learn best when they hear things. Tangible learners need to keep their hands busy with such things as writing or drawing. Kinesthetic learners need whole-body movement.

Intake. Some kids like to have drinks or eat while they are functioning while others dont feel the need for this type of refreshment.

Time. Some kids focus best in the morning. Others prefer the afternoon or evening.


Global/Analytic. Some kids learn best by considering the whole picture or concept, however, others prefer to have a concept broken down into its section parts.

Impulsive/Reflective. Some kids quickly jump into tasks while others take their time to make decisions and think things through.

Using Learning Styles and MI in the Classroom

Can you draw from both theories to support your kids learning? Of course you can! Any time you have a data bank of useful information about how individual kids learn best, it is a plus for everyone. If the kids are contented learning through their strengths and preferences, they feel good about themselves and school activities. And, because they are busy in optimistic ways, you will have fewer actions problems to administer and a more supportive learning environment for your kids.


As a parent, your influence outweighs that of any teacher, tutor, therapist or counselor. You can help your child build a strong sense of self-confidence and a solid foundation for lifelong success.

by: John Cruser
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