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Stuffed Animals Toys Are The Suitable Toys For Children

Stuffed Animals Toys Are The Suitable Toys For Children

When you shop in the toys shopping mall, you would find too many lovely and soft

stuffed animals toys such as famous stuffed teddy bears, stuffed snoopy dogs, stuffed cats, stuffed panda and so on. Yes, you have to admit that stuffed animals, or named plush animals, are the most popular toys among children, especially among little girls, because of their lovely appearance and soft touching feeling. Therefore when buying toys for kids, parents should firstly consider the stuffed animals.

When your babies are six months old, they want to touch the stuffed animals by their small hands, and even taste the toys by their mouth. At this time, they don't care the raw material of stuffed animals and the shape of the toys.

When babies are 12 months old, they like to bring their best friends, the lovely stuffed animal toys, to everywhere they go. What's more, sometimes they give the hug to plush toys. At this age, some babies very are very dependent on their plush toys and even go to bed with them.

When babies are 18 months, they are more likely to talk to stuffed animals toys when facing them. Therefore they imitate a variety of animal sounds such as duck sounds, dog sounds and cat sounds. In any case, it shows that they want to know more information about friends. Under such circumstance, as parents, you should buy some simple picture books about animals for them and let them know related information.

When kids are two years old, most children go to the kindergarten and every day they are busying in doing some simple pretend play with their friends. Of course, the best friends played with them are the stuffed animals. For example, they take the stuffed dogs to walk and feed stuffed teddy bears. All in all, children get lots of pleasure from the playing process.

When children are three years old, they begin to use their unique creativity and imagination to play with these stuffed toys. For example, they change the small size teddy bear to dinosaur toys, change the duck toys to flying animals toys. At the same time, they can compile story about the games they are playing, as parents, you should listen to them with patience.

By the way, many mothers worry that their children are too dependent on the plush toys, in fact, this concern is not necessary, when children are three years old, some kids, especially the boys, lose interest in these plush toys.

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