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Stretch Marks Confirmed As A Most Embarrassing Health Problem

Where do you think stretch marks would list in a survey of most embarrassing health problems


What if this survey was a cross section of all types of people? The beautiful & ugly, big & small, confident & shockingly shy....etc etc.

Well the results of a 2009 survey in the UK have them at number 3! Coming in only behind bad breath and sweating.

The full list is;

1.Bad breath


3.Stretch Marks

4.Facial hair

5.Spots / pimples


7.Foot odour

This shouts out loud and clear just how many people out there suffering from the embarrassment that stretch marks cause. Some will be doing something about it, but most will just live with and hide them every day of the year.

If you're reading this, then I'm going to guess that you're one of these silent sufferers. Embarrassed by your purple scars and managing your life around them. Sound familiar?

You don't have to suffer though. Results have shown that over 90% of women and men see fast improvement through the application of the right cream.

There's not 1 cream that can be said to work for every sufferer, so there's an element of trial and error to find the cream that will work for you. The important thing to realise is that there will be a stretch mark cream that will work for you and start trying them!

So, the only question is how do you decide which to try? Well the answer is go with one which guarantees results or your money back. This way if you're not happy you don't suffer in the pocket. Get out there and cure your stretch marks!

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Stretch Marks Confirmed As A Most Embarrassing Health Problem