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Stress And Successful Doctors

Stress And Successful Doctors

No cure of the part should be attempted without treatment the whole

NO attempt should be made to treat the body without the soul


*Stress And Successful Doctors

All that Heals is Medicine


1. Accept, love and respect your patients unconditionally: it promotes healing

2. Your patients already have a healer within: Invoke him!

3. Educational policy [Including medical education] affects the health of millions including you and your patients!

4. Take care of yourself!

5. Teach them win-win formula

6. Time Management: A way to greater efficiency

7. Be profound and wise, not simple and straightforward

8. Discuss with pharmaceuticals the perspective of global welfare, which is a treasure of lifetime!

9. Do not get imposed and do not impose yourself.

10 Be a leader and not a follower!

1. Accept, love and respect your patients unconditionally: it promotes healing

Consider this experience of mine in a clinic. I had gone to a pathologist with another friend of mine to collect the blood reports. We were waiting in the reception. My friend"s face was full of anxiety and his eyes reflected a strange feeling of helplessness and suffocation. Being close to him I was aware of the financial and other stresses he was going through. I was also aware as to why he was undergoing different blood tests.

After some time full of tension and pressure the pathologist called us.

As soon as we entered he turned ferocious and started scolding my friend, for indulging.

He was so precipitous and incessant that my friend could nothing but only listen in shame.

After the pathologist finished his bombardment his eyes began to emanate the contempt and pity.

The pathologist had satisfaction on his face for having fulfilled what he considered his duty.

My friend was drowned in self-pity and guilt. He appeared far sicker now than when he had entered the lab.

It was becoming unbearable now.

Some how I changed the topic, finished the formalities of payment, thanked the pathologist and came out.

My friend said, "I would prefer to die in dignity than getting harassed here and everywhere. Why don"t people understand that I am being suffocated by repeated failures and unending deceptions. I am not able to cope and hence trying escape from time to time though with counterproductive effects. Really, disease is not killing me. But I am killed every now and then this leaving death is forcing me into disease and its sequel the final death." His eyes filled with tears.

He headed in the direction of a bar!

Let us consider another experience.

I had taken my fried to an orthopedic surgeon. My friend was in agony, due to severe soft tissue in inflammation in his leg muscle. After careful examination and discussion with the patient the doctor advised the patient about care to be taken.

I, being aware of the smoking habit of the patient asked the surgeon if it was essential to quit smoking.

To my surprise the surgeon smiled and said, "Already he is in pain and agony. Considering the prose and cons, I would not like to deprive the patient of his small pleasure"

My friend appeared solaced and in deep sense of gratitude for the considerate gesture of the doctor.

After we came out of the clinic, having relieved by the doctor"s permission to smoke, I was expecting him to take out and light a cigarette.

But he did not. On the contrary he gradually quit smoking altogether.

Now let us consider yet another experience!

I had taken my friend to a sex specialist.

Right in the beginning the sex specialist welcome us warm greetings. Then after making us comfortable he just made a remark indicating that sexual disorders do not signify any kind of inferiority and or criminal mentality. Thus first indirectly and then directly suggested to us that we should accept the given situation unconditionally (without guilt and lowliness), love it [i.e. not to despise and resent it] and then respect it i.e. (avoid casual approach and take deep interest involve in careful study and conquer it).

Then he began to take detailed history and my friend revealed his heart and all the facts with full confidence.

The sex specialist now examined the patient thoroughly well.

After examination, the doctor discussed several issues such as in laws, children, job, wife"s job, wife"s health status, her perspective or vision of life, hobbies which apparently appeared to be unrelated to sexual problem. Then the doctor wrote in details his prescription and suggested that the whole family visit his clinic for more complete benefits and even more, better quality of life.

Some days later, I met my friend. This time he was with wife and there was that beautiful broad smile on their face. Their eyes were sparkling with happiness and contentment.

Without me asking them any further, they ecstatically exclaimed about the wonderful results.

I requested them to divulge few things if they could without being embarrassed, so that I could use that information for benefit of others.

They said, "The doctor gave us new life. He gave new vision. He gave new dimension. He empowered us to express the best within us for the society and for ourselves. He gave us detailed knowledge about the realm of instincts and their role in life. He later elucidated in details the role of sexual/reproductive instinct, courtship, pregnancy care, parental instinct, rearing the baby, effects of our emotions and thoughts on sexual gratification and how to minimize the damage caused by a variety of stressors on our happiness [which heavily depended on our sexual happiness]. He gave books on stress management and introduced a stress management expert. As a result apart from getting sexual fulfillment [by properly managing the stress] we are conquering blood pressure, diabetes and many ailments related to stress. In fact we have started getting results in terms regaining our youth, vigor and fulfillment in life!

Now I was beginning to understand the meaning of "Accepting unconditionally, loving unconditionally and respecting unconditionally"!

2. Your patients already have a healer within: Invoke him!

Let us go through this letter from my friend. She is a doctor herself.

"Dear Dr

Thank you for your concern about my backache.

Considering your interests, I would like to elaborate a little more on it.

It is true that the backache troubled me a lot. But since I was having a variety of differential diagnoses in my mind, I was afraid that I would have to undergo plethora of investigations and possibly undergo a major surgery! Hence I was reluctant to see a doctor.

But the discomfort went on increasing. Finally I decided to contact a consultant friend of mine. I phoned her. After talking few things, I conveyed to her my problem.

On phone itself she shouted, "How come you have waited so much? It is essential to do ultrasonography urgently. It could be prolapsed disc. It could be lumbar canal stenosis, tuberculosis of bone, endometriosis some other malignancy with secondaries".."

I was shocked! Hearing to all this all my fear was as if endorsed. I felt as if I already entered some terminal sickness. I was terrified. Chills swept throughout my spine like electric current. I began to shiver with fear and started perspiring. Somehow I finished the phone call. What I was trying to negate had appeared in front of me with menacing face! Now what to do? I was trying to negate all these possibilities because I wanted to some how avoid hospitalization, investigations and surgery. Apart from the thought of expenses, unpleasant atmosphere, doubtful outcome and above all; suffering! Moreover; I had so many preoccupations, obligations and responsibilities to fulfill.

I repented for having made the phone call! But there was nothing I could to then! I did not speak anything to my husband, as I did not want to add to his stress. I thought, he would be shaken by the content of our telephonic conversation.

Somehow I spent that night in extreme anxiety and next day morning I went to a friend"s place. This friend of mine; a simple housewife, immediately reassured me and instantly took me to her family physician.

Since she personally accompanied me, I was feeling greatly relieved. However my anxiety reflected on my face.

The doctor took me in the examination room along with my friend and examined me clinically.

Then the doctor asked few questions about my personal, menstrual and family and past background.

He seemed quite satisfied with my dietary and exercise habits.

Looking at my anxious face with pleasing smile, he affirmed, "Nothing has to be done".

"But what about the pain? Any investigations? Any internal medicines? Any external applications?"

His face reflected supreme confidence. He repeated with emphasis on every word, "Nothing is required. Continue your exercises and add some yoga techniques, which I would teach you. You would be alright within a week!"

This was a reverse shock! Decompression! Relief! Freedom from tons of burden! I breathed a sigh of huge relief!

I began to thank the doctor profusely. But the doctor seemed to be in bliss for what he done spontaneously and most naturally; and oblivious to my thanks!

Within a week I became all right. I contacted my housewife friend and went back to give the feed back.

The doctor received us with smile and then explained to me that as a result of expectations of the patients and their relatives, expectations of the society, quest for glamour and glitter, desire for power and quick money, fierce competition, various policies, rules and regulations, demands of family, financial liabilities, pharmaceutical propaganda such many factors and most importantly; their own inability to manage the stress; the doctors are under enormous stress. He said, "Doctors are really undergoing enormous turmoil within! Conceptual chaos and value crisis is taking toll of them! They are not able to exercise clinical judgment. Please don"t blame them!"

Looking at my friend"s brightened face he further said, "Your doctor friend has forgotten your clinical wisdom because of stresses and strains in life. Hence she gave lop sided weightage to the differential diagnoses. Hence the fears were compounded!"

Waiting for a while the doctor added, "Stresses and strains have not only blinded the clinical acumen of doctors, but their ability to see the fountain of strength within themselves and their patients as well! This has made them weak. Weakness perpetuates weakness! I only can be complimented for retaining my clinical acumen and ability to see the healing power within myself and within you. That is why I asked your friend to humbly suggest you a traditional way to invoke and experience the healer within oneself and the others!"!

Dear Dr I feel happy to share with you the joy of relief from not merely backache but regaining my clinical acumen and healer within myself. Now I am able to invoke my patients" healing abilities in their getting healthier and happier!"

Thanking you once again,


Dr. Shraddha "

Dr. Shraddha"s story is self-explanatory.

However, Dr. Shraddha has not mentioned two points about her background. I think they will be of benefit to all of us.

First point is: Dr. Shraddha was one of the toppers in her school and college career. She was a not merely intelligent but a very charming sensible girl. However in the course of medical training, she seemed to be getting frustrated. Her curiosity seemed to be suppressed. Her concern for the patient seemed to be laughed at rather than nurtured. Her quest for the happiness of the patients appeared to be treated as in vein and utopian. After entering into practice along with her husband she seemed to be increasingly disillusioned with medical profession. She had begun to indulge and some how cope with. But her melancholy was on the rise. This had begun to get reflected on her physical health. Gradually she had started losing weight, graying, wrinkling, darkening, and getting arthritis and many other complaints. She had begun to lose confidence and had become phobic and feeble. In view of these effects of stress damaging subconsciously, her backache had been only the tip of the iceberg!

The second point: The doctor who treated her effectively had taken care of these points with the help of Dr. Shraddha"s housewife friend [who is trained in Total Stress Management and acted as a support system for Dr. Shraddha]. As a result Dr. Dr. Shraddha is showing beneficial effects on all the organs and organ systems and her over all personality. She is fairer, stronger, confident, quick and agile. She has started looking younger and exudes happiness. From academic point of view Dr. Shraddha has begun to imbibe perspective of holistic health and holistic medicine. Her approach has become eclectic. Her patients get far more options than they were getting earlier. From professional point of view; her practice has multiplied.

In short, her patients, her family and she herself are all happier and healthier!

3. Educational policy [Including medical education] affects the health of millions including you and your patients!

My friend has roaring practice as a pediatrician. Once I asked the secret of her practice.

She said, "It is very difficult to pin point to any particular "secret", but probably my perspective is working good for me and my patients."

I asked what she meant by that.

She replied, "In the course of my practice I started realizing that mastering Nelson"s pediatrics is not enough! It is important to study the stress that is playing havoc in the children"s life. I also began to realize how stress affected my own personality. So I decided to study the stress, its dimensions and understand the vast number factors [not described medical text books] affecting health. Having appreciated the importance of these factors; I began to educate the parents and relatives of my little patients about dimensions of stress and how to cope with them. I think it is this understanding that has given human touch to my interactions with my patients and that is working well!"

"Can you give an example of how you educate your patients" parents and relatives?"

"Yes. I gist of what I teach is as follows."

"Education is defined in various ways but it can be safely said to have FOUR domains, which are as follows.

The first domain is called AFFECTIVE DOMAIN. This means the state of mind. In simple words affective domain relates to how we feel. Thus when our mind is full of alertness, attention, enthusiasm, buoyancy, affection, concern, joy, tolerance, self esteem, mutual respect, mutual trust, commitment, dedication, confidence, positive and victorious spirit, we would call it healthy affective domain. In addition the zeal and concentration needed in the pursuit of excellence in intellectual field, tenacity and endurance required in skillful activities and patience and commitment essential for "satisfying and socially beneficial actions" constitute affective domain. The purpose of education is to nurture this domain by designing suitable curricula and syllabi.

The second domain of education is called PSYCHOMOTOR DOMAIN. This implies ability to appreciate skills and ability to perform physical and mental skills, with speed, accuracy, elegance, ease of performance etc. This may involve appreciation and performance of skills such as surgery, playing a musical instrument, playing basketball or doing carpentry! The purpose of education is to nurture this domain through designing suitable curriculums, syllabuses; but also by providing sufficient practical and demonstration classes with all the necessary equipment.

The third domain is called COGNITIVE DOMAIN. Cognitive domain incorporates accurate perspective, contemplation, correct perception understanding, conceptualization, analysis and recall of problems, ability to evaluate, synthesize, correlate and make decisions, make appropriate policies, plans and expertise in the management, administration, etc.

It is clear that all the domains have three components viz. cognition [Perception], affect [Feelings] and conation [Response].

And fourth domain is productive domain!

Let us consider the traditional system (in India) in a dispassionate manner and scrutinize the merits and demerits. It is obvious that we will not be able to consider all the details of the system as they varied from time to time and from place to place. But a general review of the system would help us to rectify the education system! This can be done only if we rise above the petty considerations of religion, region, caste, political power and other vested interests. This would help us rectify the present education system.

Conversely, unless the existing education system is rectified appropriately subsequent generations may not be able to develop the four domains of education adequately and hence won"t be able to be healthy enough.

Many of you may argue here that this task cannot be accomplished by common people, but can be successfully accomplished only by the politicians, political advisors, the decision-makers and the top administrators.

This argument is partially valid, but not completely. It has to be appreciated that no statesman, no political leader, no policy maker and no administrator can bring about change in an existing system unless, there is consensus about these changes in the vast majority of people whose cooperation in such matters is very vital.

So let us take at least a cursory look at the traditional system of education in India.

The traditional education system in general ensured that:

a] Careers were not selected on the basis of monetary gains,

b] Careers were not selected arbitrarily on the basis of idiosyncrasies and whims,

c] Some lucrative careers could not be sought after, in preference to the others,

d] All careers ensured income and production from early age,

e] All careers ensured that society was benefited,

f] All careers ensured security to all the social groups,

g] All the careers ensured intimacy and closeness between young and old in the families.

h] All careers ensured ethical education and passage of experience from generation to generation.

In my view these were merits.

But it is probably true but not entirely clear if

A] The traditional system was marked by deprivation of scholastic education to many people,

B] It was also marked by apparently unjustifiable distribution of a variety of jobs amongst different castes.Stress And Successful Doctors

C] It did not have the infrastructure for collective scientific and technological efforts.

D] It suppressed the talents and individual aspirations amongst the children and parents from many castes.

E] It had an element of arbitrary imposition of hie

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Stress And Successful Doctors