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StoresOnline, Dotcomsecrets, Home Income Alliance And The Fair Market Price For An Automated Website That Makes Money Online On Autopilot by:Tomlin Rezar

StoresOnline, Dotcomsecrets, Home Income Alliance And The Fair Market Price For An Automated Website That Makes Money Online On Autopilot by:Tomlin Rezar

Last night I went to a seminar held by StoresOnline

. I was pretty impressed with their setup. Firstly, I have no idea how they got my address. But I did receive an invitation to attend a free one night seminar. My name must have been on some targeted marketing list. And yes, I was interested. I told my wife that it was "up my alley," and off we went to the seminar, and made a "date" out of it.

When you have kids and a busy life, you sometimes mix semi-business with a date. I know that sounds kind of funny, but there is more to it. StoresOnline also promised a free meal at the event, as well as for your guest. In addition to that, we both would receive a gift. The gift would be none other than an MP3 player.

Not that I had need of a free meal, or even for an MP3 player. But it gave me the impression that they had something important to share. The dress code was to be business casual. My wife picked out something nice-neither a prom outfit, nor a beach outfit. Just something nice-business casual. I wore a suit without a tie. It felt good to get dressed up semi casual, business casual.

StoresOnline was going to teach us how to make money online on autopilot. Right up my alley, I thought, because every day am creating wealth online as an internet entrepreneur. I had discovered a legitimate internet business, a legitimate online income opportunity, an online money making system that really works. But it is always good to learn more and perhaps discover another niche.

Perhaps I would learn something from StoresOnline that would help me increase my cash flow online and residual income. Perhaps they would add something to what I was already doing in my home based business. Working at home as a work at home dad, my wife being a work at home mom (did I just say work at home like three times?) is sometimes challenging, but the rewards outweigh the challenges.

To work at home with a turn key website that makes money online on autopilot is indeed rewarding. Ways to make money immediately? There are many. But having a low budget and then launch a great residual income online cash flow and succeed at it is a different story. That is why I picked the IPC program or IPC Instant Cash, Dan Miller's online money making systems that have since been merged into the brand new Home Income Alliance. It's like all his other online wealth creating, make money online on autopilot with an automated turn key website, on steroids!

If people created wealth online with this legitimate internet business and made a lot of money online on autopilot before, this new, fresh system is forecast to be the hottest online money making system in 2009 and 2010 and beyond. An example of it can be seen at WebWealthCreation (.c.o.m.)

Back to StoresOnline. We arrived at the seminar, signed in and took our seats. It was held in a fairly nice ballroom. I was somewhat disappointed to see what people consider business casual these days. One guy had cutoffs with a crock that almost dragged close to his knees. Another girl had almost a beach outfit on and half the room was dressed like this. I was relieved to see at least one guy dressed like me. I knew I was in trouble when attendees started asking me about StoresOnline's program and what I had to offer and when they would be receiving their MP3 players. No, I'm just kidding, but I did expect that to happen anytime.

If they did ask me about making money online on autopilot with a turn key website that is automated, I know I would have had an answer for them. Average people and even beginners can create wealth online, like everyday internet entrepreneurs all over the world have done. People all over the world are looking for ways to make money immediately? The answer is the typical ambiguous one "It depends."

With a website that makes money on autopilot and create wealth online, you can almost make money immediately or at least within 24 hours if you use the PPC (Pay Per Click) feature. But in must be integrated with a professionally made website that has all its systems (including payment) already built in. But if you don't use PPC (Pay Per Click,) you still can drive traffic to your website. The more traffic, the more sales-simple as that. This is called the organic method to drive traffic to your automated turn key website that makes money online on autopilot.

It won't make you as rich as Pablo Escobar, but you can make a huge amount of legal money than "my brother Pablo" with this legitimate online income opportunity as found at WebWealthCreation (.c.o.m.) that operates on the new Home Income Alliance, authored by the "internet guru" Dan Miller, who also authored the IPC programs (Independent Profit Center). Those programs were so successful and the Home Income Alliance took the best of those programs and more, and created the Hoe Income Alliance online money making machine-the online cash flow residual income beast if you will.

In my next article I will share more about what I learnt at StoresOnline's seminar, but it was a great night. Let me conclude this portion on StoresOnline and how I see a turn key website that makes money online on autopilot and how I view to create wealth online with what I think is a better alternative.

The instructor was very knowledgeable and I enjoyed his presentation. But it basically just confirmed to me that everything I was already doing was the right thing to do. What StoresOnline had to offer I already had at a much lower price. For people on a low budget who want to launch a residual income online with a turn key website this is important. This automated website such as WebWealthCreation (.c.o,m.) is so automated you don't need much knowledge about computers and the internet. It teaches you everything you need to know to launch an online cash flow.

The meal was a turkey sandwich, potato chips and some desert. Not bad, but I am glad I didn't go there for the meal only! StoresOnline's system costs a one time fee of $199.00 plus $24.95 per month. They discounted the one time fee to $48.00. They invited us to another seminar where they would do a whole day's training, and gave us an overview of what they would teach. I have been to many seminars before so I know what to expect, and they already gave us a heads up. They would be reviewing "tools" we need to succeed online. These tools are not the "$5,000 tools the other guys are selling." StoresOnline have a bunch of tools for "only $3,600.00," which will be discounted at the other upcoming seminar.

I am sure those who go there will learn a lot and there is no doubt that it is a legitimate online income opportunity. But I am already involved with something better. Better in that it is much cheaper, does not have monthly dues, and shows you ways to make money immediately without all them tools. Tools are good though, and I have bought a few of them myself, at much cheaper prices. Home Income Alliance shows you what you need at WebWealthCreation (.c.o.m.)

Check back for more on this topic in future articles, or check out my blogs, which I am still in the process of updating. I wish you the best and hope that you too will enjoy an online cash flow residual income on the internet. With a turn key automated website that makes money online on autopilot, even makes money while you sleep.

My kids will love their MP3 players, I got for free at StoresOnline!

I wish you the best, and see you at the top!

About the author

Tomlin Rezar is the owner of and his blog where his online wealth creation videos may be seen. Ron Settler owns
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StoresOnline, Dotcomsecrets, Home Income Alliance And The Fair Market Price For An Automated Website That Makes Money Online On Autopilot by:Tomlin Rezar Qingdao