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Stop Panic Attacks In Children Discover The Reasons Why Today

Stop Panic Attacks In Children Discover The Reasons Why Today

Uncover secrets of the subconscious mind to end panic attacks in your children

, without the use of drugs, and to help them reach their full potential.

At the moment the current figures are that for every three couples that get married, one couple end up in the divorce courts, that leaves society with a large percentage of single parents.

This could be one of many reasons to the foundations of panic attacks with regard to a child, it is a fact that single parents in general do perform a good task with regard to bringing up children when they are single, however it can not replace the support of both parents.

Let's take some examples; before a couple bring to an end their relationship during the period preceding that, the amount of arguments can be quite extensive. The events include yelling at each other and in other cases it has involved violence, these circumstances can have an adverse effect on a child's subconscious, particularly if they have been an observer to this event.Stop Panic Attacks In Children Discover The Reasons Why Today

This can have an unfavourable outcome on a young person's subconscious mind. Or though it does not have an immediate effect it in most cases it can have a long term consequences.

Specialist's physiatrist's explanation of the human brain is it has three areas to pay attention to, for example; conscious, unconscious, subconscious, however there is a further one referred to as the sixth sense; nevertheless the latter is not important for this explanation.

The conscious mind is what you are using right now to read this article, when we talk and listen to our friends are prime examples. The unconscious mind is a recollection of events that have taken place in the history of your life, and finally the subconscious mind, this has enormous potential in respect of, knowledgeable people accept as true we have yet to get even close to its full potential.

The subconscious mind is like a million dollar computer, in fact even more powerful than that, however it can be compared to a computer in the point it will respond to whatever you program into it, whereas the subconscious mind is unable to define the difference between negative and positive. The hard facts are if a child has the fear of a panic attack and plants that in the subconscious mind the chances are it will happen.

For example; when you speak to your self or friends about your current circumstances, your subconscious will act in response for example; if you are feeling ill and continually complain about it you will only create more of the same, however by reversing those words and speaking in a positive sense many people have recovered from fatal diseases by using this method.

It is an unquestionable statement that most things in this world were conceived primarily in the subconscious mind, for example; Authors, great leaders, scientists, engineers, these people have discovered the power of the subconscious mind.

The subject is when a child is experiencing a panic attack; the explanation could be an occurrence of an incident, which has made an impression on the subconscious, it could be a number of things that took place before the break up process of a relationship. Children are very responsive and easily influenced in their teenage years.

The subconscious mind is similar to a garden. When you plant seeds of what ever kind they will grow, weeds or plants. How do we get rid of the weeds? Simple remove them.

The probable reasons are pretty obvious; they could have problems with their teacher at school for instance; exams,school bullies, attending a new school, to name just a few.Stop Panic Attacks In Children Discover The Reasons Why Today

In order to find a solution to this dilemma as a single person, and your child is experiencing panic attacks or anxiety disorder, you will need to use a little lateral thinking, consider occurrences that the child has been a witness to that has entered the subconscious previous to the separation of the relationship, this could be a good indication.

Many parents are under the illusion that if a child as suffered one, or two panic attacks this could continue for the rest of their lives, referring to specialists in this field their opinion is this is not the case. This situation is an example of what has happened in the past this can be transformed by a straightforward mind shift.

I hope you enjoyed this article, my intention was to help you to solve panic attacks in children, however I am unable to cover all the reasons why children suffer panic attacks in this short article, but I hope this has influenced you to explore reasons you may not have considered.

by: Alan Benney
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