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Steps To Be Taken To Prevent Ovarian Cyst Bleeding

Ovarian cyst bleeding is not a common symptom for all the types of such cysts

. Bleeding normally takes place when the pouches observed on the lining or within the ovary burst. Pain that is sensed when cyst burst depends on the size and nature of cysts. Burst cysts cause pain more than the pain that occurs when cysts twist.

Bleeding due to the ovarian cyst may cause irritation in the tissues of the lower part of abdomen near vagina. Not only this, this procedure may also cause writhing that blocks the blood from circulating to cysts.

If a cyst originates after the menstrual cycle, then it comprises just a little amount of blood in it. If cysts burst, then it is normal that bleeding will take place. However, bleeding due to the cyst is the primary symptom of a special kind of cysts known as haemorrhagic cysts. If bleeding and a serious pain occur, then women must go for a medical check-up as soon as possible. If they ignore this situation, then complications may increase and the outcome will be the dangerous one.

Women those had experienced the bleeding due to cyst must not fear of having ovarian cancer because hemorrhage do not takes place if the cysts in their ovaries are cancerous. Bleeding is a feature of only benign cysts. When more number of cysts originates on the surface of the ovaries, then medically this condition is described as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (POS). Women with this type of problem are normally infertile, have a strange bleeding and go through abortions. This type of dangerous condition occurs frequently and is considered to be observed by 4 to 7% of the women in their reproductive time-period.

Ultrasound tests are not much effective for diagnosing polycystic ovarian syndrome (POS), so many more tests must be performed. If the doctor decides not to destroy cysts, then they can be calloused to stop the hemorrhage. This procedure destroys all the infected tissues by direct application of heating instrument. This process destroys only the tissue infected due the origination of a cyst.

I hope that after going through this article, you are now much familiar with the ovarian cyst bleeding. All the possibilities that can cause bleeding have been mentioned above. And what steps one should take in this condition have also been mention. So do not neglect this type of serious problem, if u feel any type of severe and sudden pain and bleeding in the lower part of abdomen or near the ovaries then go for the medical treatment immediately.

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