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A Step-by-step Guide To Starting An Assisted Living Business

A Step-by-step Guide To Starting An Assisted Living Business

Because of various reasons, the demand for assisted living facilities has been rapidly

growing these days probably mainly because of the very fact that the baby boomers are now getting close to the retirement age. Most of them have already retired. These facilities provide housing solutions and special need care for the elderly people and those who are physically disabled or have accessible problems. However, unlike nursing homes, these facilities do not provide round-the-clock assistance to their residents. The facilities they provide include a moderate level of assistance in things where the residents need special care. They also offer meals and private living areas for the residents. These facilities are best suited for those who are suffering from the pain of living alone. Following are some of the steps that you need to consider if you are planning to start an assisted living business.

Obtain License

As per the laws of the state, every such facility needs to obtain a license first. Therefore, you can start by applying for the license. The process can be a bit complicated and lengthy, but if you are genuine in your efforts and are well prepared, you should not find much difficulty. You will have to attend interviews with different authorities. Everything that you have mentioned in your application will be inspected thoroughly. In particular, the state will want to make sure that the kind of services you are promising are something that you are capable to provide. You can contact the Chamber of Commerce or the concerned States department to get detailed information about the requirements to start an assisted living business in your area.

Type Of Facility

The next thing that you have to consider is the type of facility that you want to offer whether you want to cater to a large number of residents or just a small number of people. You will have to choose the facility building accordingly. If it is a small scale business, you can probably go ahead with a single family home, but if you want to provide services to a large number of people, you will need a multi-story building.


If you are going to start your assisted living business on a small scale, you can probably go with self financing, but if it is a large project, you will have to look out for other financing options as well. You may like to take a business loan from a bank for that purpose, you will need to show a very good project to the bank. The idea is to convince the bank that your business is going to be successful one and that you will repay the loan in a timely manner.

You will have to be very careful while choosing your staff members. Make sure that you hire only the certified medical staffs who can effectively handle administrative and operational tasks as well. Once you are through with everything, you will have to do effective marketing of your assisted living business.

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A Step-by-step Guide To Starting An Assisted Living Business