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Stage 4 Colon Cancer Symptoms

Author: Willox Perez

Every year 156,000 people are diagnosed with colon cancer and six of those cases are caused by those two genes together. Stage 4 Colon Cancer Symptoms In the same time, around 30 percent of non inherited cases are caused by these two genes of colon cancer. It is expected that in the near future researchers will come out with some new tests to identify the presence of these genes in an individual and if either one of these is found, doctors can do tumor checks more frequently permitting them to discover them earlier while they can still be surgically removed. With this new knowledge it is assumed that over 90 percent of all that cases caused by inherited colon cancer can be evoited. Researchers are confident that this new discovery will lead to new anticancer drugs in a very short time period, a period of two to five years. The genes are found on different chromosomes, but both of them act almost in the same way, being just like a guardian checking every new piece of synthesized DNA to make sure that no mutations appeared. But, if one of these genes is corrupted the new synthesized DNA pieces will be altered really bad and you will develop cancer as a result. Usually inherited cancer appears at the age of 50.">Lung Cancer Secrets Revealed Click here Thanks to these new discoveries new screening tests will be available for the general population. Most specialists agree that this is a huge step for the medical science resulting in the saving of countless lives and a great cost reduction in the medical system. One of these genes is present in about 1 every 200 people all around the world making it the number one genetic defect. Screening will save a huge amount of lives but researchers already raise economic concerns regarding the medical health care; it may be possible that future agencies will deny the right to a health insurance just on the reason that a client presents a higher risk because he has one of these genes.">lung cancer treatment breakthroughs Click hereAbout the Author:">

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