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Special Mothers Day Crafts From Kids On Mothers Day

Special Mothers Day Crafts From Kids On Mothers Day

As a special Mother's Day treat, have your children celebrate mom with a personal touch

. Small children can spend time preparing a homemade Mother's Day gift that will make a wonderful surprise and serve as a memento for years to come. While the children are working on making this special gift, a personalized flower pot, they will also be helping to hone their fine motor skills.

To get started making this particular Mother's Day gift, you will need the following items:

Modeling Clay

PencilSpecial Mothers Day Crafts From Kids On Mothers Day

Thin Stick or Matchstick (used to decorate the pot)


Modeling clay may be purchased at a crafts store. This type of clay is very strong and dries quickly, within just a few hours. The recommendation is to obtain artificial flowers or dried flowers and dried grass seeds to make flowers. Another option for older kids is to have them make flowers themselves. This can easily be done using buttons, florist tape and florist wire. Taking a small button, thread one of the button holes with some florist wire. Start at the bottom, then loop back and push the wire through the top back to the bottom and through another hole. Take the ends of florist wire and twist them tightly. The last step is to cover the wire with florist's tape, making a single button flower. Continue in the same manner until you have made as many button flowers as you will need.

Whichever method you choose for making flowers, you will need a pot to hold the flowers. Start by rolling the modeling clay in a ball. The ball you roll out should be the same size as your final pot will be. Ultimately, though, this should not be too big but just big enough to hold the flowers. Taking the pencil, press a hole into the pot by using the back part of the pencil and pushing it into the ball. Be careful not to make the hole too big or they may take a long time to harden and will possibly crack. Once you have made the holes in the pot, you can further mold the ball until you form a flat-bottomed pot. Using either the thin stick or matchstick, draw some decorative patterns on the pot. Finally, spend some time arranging all of the flowers until they are just right. The last step is to leave the clay flower pot in a hot place for a few hours so that it will harden into a beautiful, homemade flower pot for mom!

This year, instead of purchasing a pre-made gift, spend some time with the kids making this flower pot for mom or, if you prefer, look for some other mothers day crafts and pick one out that is ideal for your special lady.

by: Amit Kheterpal
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Special Mothers Day Crafts From Kids On Mothers Day