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Some People Can't Be Treated By Liposuction

Some People Can't Be Treated By Liposuction

Liposuction is becoming increasingly popular. It seems like everywhere you go on the internet, there's some story talking about which celebrity got the surgery. Around town, there are ads on buses and billboards advertising plastic surgery clinics.

The surgery, which is also called lipoplasty and suction lipectomy, enjoys a fairly unique level of popularity in America. For twelve out of the last thirteen years, it has been the single most popular cosmetic surgery in America. Each year, hundreds of thousands of Americans undergo the surgery.

Lipoplasty involves the removal of pockets of fat from specific target areas on a patient's body. It is typically performed under local anesthesia, and it is usually performed on an outpatient basis. As far as cosmetic surgeries go, it tends to be relatively affordable, which may also help to explain its perennial popularity.

However, as widespread and commonplace as the surgery is, it is not well-suited for certain people. It isn't simply a miracle surgery which can transform any person. Just like any other procedure, it has its own limits of what it can and can't do.Some People Can't Be Treated By Liposuction

The surgery tends not to work well on overweight or obese people who are trying to lose serious amounts of weight. Because of the nature of the surgery, it cannot remove large scale amounts of fat, and it cannot remove fat from all over the body. To do this would drastically increase the trauma caused by the surgery. This could lead to unpleasing results or, in the worst cases, to serious health risks.

People who have large amounts of loose skin may also find that they do not get great results from a lipoplasty. Because a liposuction removes excess fat, it reduces the size of one's body. However, the surgery does not remove excess skin. This can mean that a lipectomy can actually exacerbate loose skin problems.

People with chronic diseases that make it difficult for them to heal should be up front with their surgeon. Depending on the disease, it is possible that your condition could keep you from getting the surgery. However, you should remember that this is all for your own protection and safety. Please do not, under any circumstances, lie about your medical history, condition or drug usage in an attempt to be cleared for the surgery. If you do so, you could greatly increase your chances for serious negative complications. Although you may want the surgery, it isn't worth risking your life over.

by: Christian Heftel
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