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Soft Sided Play Pen From Precision Pet Will Ensure Your Pet's Safety

You should not leave your pets inside their small cage all the time

. Free them for a moment can make them running around which means a healthy activity and at the same time it makes them happy. A play pen is a great investment for any pet owners. They give the owner a sense of security knowing that their pet is playing safely in the play pen.

There are a lot of these available in the market and it may be quite hard to find a good one as well. Precision Pet came up with a play pen that is suitable for most pets. Coming in two sizes mainly small and large (29x29x17 inches and 46x46x28 inches respectively), this play pen is really handy for a lot of pet owners. It is lightweight and the material is waterproof as well. The Precision Pet Soft Side Play Pen can definitely be used both indoors and outdoors. Those that travel a lot can surely use one of these to let their pets move around while the owner is driving provided that there is enough space in the car for this soft side play pen to fit in.

The Precision Pet Soft Side Play Pen can be set up within seconds and has a steel wire frame that acts as the foundation of the product. This means that the product is strong enough to bear with any force that the pets might give to it.

The Precision Pet Soft Side Play Pen also features a holder that the owner can use to put a water bottle for their beloved pet. When not needed, the play pen can be dissembled within seconds and can be stored easily as well. Provided with the play pen is a carrying case that the user can use to keep it. The product is great for those that have a single pet of any size. The large version should be sufficient for a couple of puppies although it would be a little crowded for the pets. The product however, is not suitable for dogs that are known to bite and scratch a lot as there have been a few complaints regarding this. The material is not durable enough to resist these bites and scratches caused by the dogs and in some cases, this may injure the pets as well.

The base of the product is connected with Velcro. This might be a problem especially for smart pets as they can crawl their way through the sheet. However, applying some tape should prevent this from happening.

Precision Pet Soft Side Play Pen is a great product for multiple purposes. It can act as a soft play yard, a training pen and many more. It is definitely easy to set up and is lightweight as well. Considering the price, you might think that this product is a bit expensive, but if you think about it, it's actually a great investment for you.

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