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Social Networking For Personal And Business Growth

Social Networking For Personal And Business Growth

You would almost have to be living in a cave today to not be aware of social networking on the internet

. What started out a few years ago as a forum primarily used by the younger generations has turned into quite a communication tool for all.

If you're not that familiar with them this is what you need to know: the various social networking sites have allowed people worldwide the opportunity to meet new groups of people by searching their social networks and blogs.

The process of chatting and sharing information and thoughts with others of similar interests is quite thrilling. For many it is turned into a place to hang out socially as opposed to going to bars or other types of entertainment.

These have also become an optimum way to share and grow business interests and opportunities. Why? Because social networking and blogging has become a way for individuals and businesses alike to build a brand.

Any business or person who joins a social networking site has the opportunity to brand themselves or create an online identity. This online identity, known as the profile, represents the maker in this fashion throughout the internet.

The business or personal profile should include their history, professional connections, goals, various interests, etc. It's also a place to blog continuously about topics of importance to them.

Many companies now are utilizing social networking for the same purpose. It's a type of advertisement and a way to generate appeal among the masses.

A department manager for a distribution center recently discovered that over 90% of his staff are members of either Facebook, MySpace, Digg, Bebo and/or Twitter. That should give you an indication of the possible audience size

It's also cheap. Utilizing media such as these allows you to be heard without the expensive advertising costs of yellow pages or other Internet marketing. When is the last time you used the Yellow Pages?!

Another business advantage to social networking is that it allows you to prescreen potential customers. You can determine what the likes and dislikes are of prospects.

It also gives you the opportunity to actually build some type of an actual relationship and connection with potential customers rather than the impersonal nature of traditional advertising. You gain a level of credibility and trust much quicker this way which can in turn obviously leading to a faster and greater business growth.

Social networking for personal or business purposes also gives you the opportunity to meet and connect with people you otherwise may not ever be able to meet. The old saying, "It's not what you know; it's who you know," is so true in business.

by: Thomas Brant
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