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Six Tips to Help Fall Pregnant Fast

Six Tips to Help Fall Pregnant Fast

Six Tips to Help Fall Pregnant Fast

This post contains useful tips for women trying to get pregnant. By using some well known natural techniques you can greatly enhance your chance of conceiving a healthy baby. Both sexes can be affected by infertility, however, the female reproductive system is more sophisticated and can have more issues develop than a man's reproductive system.

Stop using birth control methods. This is obvious however many women forget that to conceive a child you need to stop taking the birth control pill at least two or three months before you desire to become pregnant. The female reproductive system needs time to adjust back to how it functioned before taking the pill.

Try to lead a healthy lifestyle. Eating a balanced diet that contains meat, vegetables, fruit and liquids is essential to keeping your body in good condition. Your body needs all the vitamins, minerals and amino acids found in good food. You need a balance of protein, carbohydrates, sugars and fats to maintain a healthy metabolism. Drink lots of water to maintain hydration. Try to minimise the intake of food that contains caffeine like coffee, chocolate and soft drinks. Don't drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes while trying to fall pregnant or during the pregnancy. And certainly do not take drugs. Even prescription drugs should be avoided and most doctors would be reluctant to prescribe anything during pregnancy as you never know the effect on your baby.Six Tips to Help Fall Pregnant Fast

Getting a reasonable level of exercise is important to keep your body fit, healthy and ready to cope with delivering a baby. This needs to be done several months before conception to condition the body ready for pregnancy. A good level of fitness will help to have a trouble free pregnancy and make recuperation after birth faster. Younger women have less issues with getting in shape. The older you are the harder it becomes.

Sexual intercourse every second day is best for the male to recuperate from the last ejaculation and produce a reasonable sperm count in the next ejaculation. If the male only ejaculates once a week it is considered that the sperm may be old and even become stale. This also gives the female reproductive system time to recuperate and prepare for the next activity. The best time for sex is just before and during the time of ovulation. Engaging in sexual intercourse at night in bed is best as you will be lying down in a horizontal position making it easier for the sperm to more deeply penetrate the female reproductive system to find the egg and fertilise it.

If you are having difficulty becoming pregnant you should consult your general practitioner for a general check up. Your physician may refer you to a gynaecologist for a more extensive medical examination and tests to determine if there are any medical conditions preventing you getting pregnant. Common medical conditions include twisted fallopian tubes, low progesterone level, STD and aging. Prescription drugs and medical treatment can remedy many infertility problems except ageing and chronic diseases.

Acupuncture, especially on the ear, can be a very effective treatment in cases where female infertility has been caused by some kind of issue within the ovary. The acupuncture stimulates the mind to give a hormonal message to the ovaries to overcome the problem and is most beneficial for many females. Scientific investigative trials show that females who have been given acupuncture treatment within 3 months of trying to fall pregnant have shown favourable results.
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