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Should Children Be Materialistic Or Not

Should Children Be Materialistic Or Not

Materialism is a philosophical theory which exists in every humans life

. A world ruled by the elite and top notch politicians is sure to be more materialistic rather than others in the same line. It connotes the aspect of constant thirst for more objects which soars to new heights everyday. Children have different upbringings in different cultures and distinctive economic conditions. The tangibility of this aspect differs from child to child and subsequently changes when they become adults. Their understanding about the world, respect for others, change in preferences for friends and gradually the excessive need for gratifying objects starts coming with the maturity.

This aspect is directly related to the levels of maturity which varies from individual to individual. The principle of not enough has taken over the understanding and comprehension of children. To an extent it isnt completely their fault, they have been raised and trained to live in such a lifestyle. Materialistic youngsters are conditioned to live a lavish life with all objects of luxury and pleasure at their disposal. For them matters of feelings and respect come secondary while tangible objects take the primary position in their life. The principle of materialism isnt an easy pill to digest for those who specially dont like it. To fight against it in order to secure the future of children parents need to start from the scratch. They need to inculcate gratitude among them and respect for others as well.
Should Children Be Materialistic Or Not

Simple courtesies like welcome, thank you, being helpful to the needy, using the appropriate etiquettes for the right situation to name a few are some important aspects which need to be taught to them. Training children who are heavily influenced by them is a hard pill to digest as teaching the importance of values is like telling deaf ears to listen. Strict rules need to be adhered both, at school and home in order to bring about a change in them. The materialistic nature among them is a result of convergence of their brain with advertisements on television and radio and hoardings put up on the sidewalk or roadways. Commercialization affects the young minds deeply and they get rebellious if what they desire isnt bought for them. This is a serious fault in their character which needs to be removed in order to make them better citizens. Instead of watching flashy advertisements parents should switch to good genre of movies.

Such children do have a habit of asking for what ever they like at every place they go, parents should not give into their needs every time. This will make them feel that parents can be taken easily and can be manipulated as well. The usage of credit card should be moderate and should be given only under supervision of an elder. Such a step will help them understand the usage of money wisely and they will also get to know how to use them too. Parents should spend quality time with them in order to understand where they lack and what all they think about others. When children grow up materials wont be the way they will remember u brought for them, its the time spent with them. No matter even if they resent talking, it will make a deep impact in the future. At last, raising children is like reliving childhood so parents should be prepared for everything.

by: Raj
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