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Shocking Brutal and Undeniable Truth About Old School MLM Methods by:Dan Lambeth

Shocking Brutal and Undeniable Truth About Old School MLM Methods by:Dan Lambeth

Shocking and Undeniable Truth About Old School MLM Marketing

And Why You Need A Good MLM Lead Source In Today's Economy If You Want To Succeed

A lot of people join mlm companies for the wrong reasons. Their friend or relative is trying this great product, opportunity, plan or home based business and they have been promised that if they work the same system, they can be earning a 5 or 6 figure monthly check in no time. Their upline tells them to quickly build a list. Make it as long as possible-1 to 2 hundred people. That would certainly be a good mlm lead source.

What they don't tell you is that only 3 to 5 % of all the people who join , will actually make any money. But , if you follow their lead and start calling your list , telling all your friends, family, neighbors, and associates , how great your new product , plan , company, opportunity, and upline is, then some of those people will join. And some will. But this is not a good mlm lead source. Because a lot of them will not join. In fact, many of them will start avoiding you. But the stats say that 3 to 5% of those that do join will make money, and therefore, be in business. But whose business? If you don't survive ,they will be in your sponsors business. You will be a good mlm lead source for your sponsor.

Your sponsor knows this , or his sponsor does. But they will not tell you because then you would not be their good mlm lead source. That is what they want. Work with you on your list. Then work with the few people you sign up and their list. They keep going from list to list to list. Eventually 3 to 5 % of each list makes money and they are all in your sponsors downline. That is one of the shocking and brutal truths about mlm or network marketing the old school way.

Another shocking truth is that all mlm companies are not created equal. As unbelievable as it sounds, some companies will find a little technicality to suspend or disqualify the top earners. That way they don't have to pay out huge commissions and they wind up with the downline that some poor soul work his rear end off to build up. But, for the company, that is a good mlm lead source. It is not very loyal or fair but it happens. This is another dark secret that gives mlm companies and networkers a bad reputation.

Speaking of bad reputations, how do you like telemarketers? How about people soliciting on your doorstep? In the mall? On the street? If you are anything like the majority of people, then you not only don't like this stuff, you HATE it!! Well when you make a " warm list " and start working it on the phone, at your family's , neighbors, and friends houses, or at work, you are doing the same thing. Even though you think it is a good mlm lead source , it is people that didn't one day start looking for a product, opportunity, plan, or company. The only reason they listen to you is because they like you or are related, and here you are trying to sell to them and convince them that they can sell this stuff and make a lot of money doing it. That is why people are resistant to mlm. They don't want to try to sell any stuff to anybody. And they didn't go looking for a home based business.

But there are people looking. A lot of them. Thousands and even millions. Online is where they are. That is where there is a good mlm lead source. All you have to do is figure out how to get in front of them. Once you do, you will have a captive audience because they came looking, and found you. But there is a lot of clutter and noise on the internet. You will need to learn how to stand out. How to get above all that.

There are several networks that you can use for a good mlm lead source. There are the many social sites, and articles, press releases and classifieds. There are solo ads and list builders and PPC and email autoresponders. Just many different ways to get out there. And, if you are going to grab some of the traffic, you are going to need to use several strategies.

So, to sort these secrets or problems out, let's list them and show how to get around them;

1. If only 3 to 5% of people who join mlm will make money- That means 95 to 97% will fail.

2. Since most people don't want to be sold to- that means your "warm list" or warm market is just as cold as the phone book.

3. Some companies don't want you to advertise or work your business online and will even suspend or disqualify their top earners and take their list or downline and commissions.

4. Even if you do take your business online, there is a lot of noise and a lot to learn.

The first problem is easily solved if you use a system as a good mlm lead source because a good system properly used online will attract an endless stream of prospects to you. Then when you share your system with your prospects, they will have an endless stream of prospects. People who are successful don't quit. So you will have a much higher retention rate of the people who join you.

The second problem is easy also if you are working online because you are getting in front of people who came looking for you or your product or opportunity. These people are not only a good mlm lead source but a hot list of interested prospects or else they wouldn't have clicked your ad or found your site online.

The third problem is solved because of the way we want YOU to brand yourself, not only as a leader but someone who offers value to others. Our tutelage shows you how to get your own auto-responders. Then build a list and build a relationship with the people on that list. You add value to the people and they come to know and trust you. Then if your mlm company tries anything underhanded and you have to leave that company, your list will follow you because they trust you and will know that if the mlm company pulls a dirty trick on you that you will be able to tell them about it because it is your list.

The fourth problem is, by nature, what all people face throughout their lives. The problem of trying something new. MLM or network or direct marketing all have one thing in common. Marketing. That means selling. Pure and simple. Selling means advertising. Everybody trying to do things they haven't tried before will need training if they want to see success. Our system not only has a library full of training but also we hold weekly tutorials or webinars and all are recorded and put in the back office for you to review at your own leisure. These webinars are training from industry and system leaders and full of great content and ideas that will help you rise above the web competition.

It is an awesome system because it was built by networkers that took years to learn how to do this stuff online. These networkers built this system for themselves to use and they are using it every day. If you want a good mlm lead source, then you need this system. For $1 you can try this system out for two weeks. This system has training in all the online strategies available. There are training tutorials for people who are just starting out in mlm. Also ,if you are further along, then there is advanced strategies you will love.

For $1 anybody can join and get full member benefits for 2 weeks and that means;

1. If you are new to computers and mlm, then you can check out all the training library has to offer for two weeks.

2. If you are good on computers and new to mlm, then you can set up your system and check out the training and start some campaigns.

3. If you are an online mlm veteran then you can check out some of the more advanced strategies and really explode your business.

With all the strategies, you can definitely find some methods that you haven't been using and the key to taking your business online is to pick a strategy and stick with it until you have success. Then move to another strategy. By doing this you will not only find a good mlm lead source but a great one. With a system like this there is nothing to lose by paying $1 because if it is not for you, all you have to do is cancel and the training you got for 2 weeks is just more knowledge you didn't have. It is your future and this is your chance to do 5 things:

1 Get control of your future.

2 learn the same strategies that all the top earners are using online.

3 keep the money you have already invested in mlm from going to waste.

4 Fire your boss.

5 Show the friends that you ran off with old school mlm methods that you can make it at home.

To learn more about this system you need to go to . You will learn many other things that weren't even mentioned in this letter. If you have questions you can contact me at

About the author

It only took me about one month and 100 NO's to figure out that old school mlm methods weren't for me. Since I found this system I have had a lot of fun learning new strategies and trying new things. We have a test run period for 2 weeks. You can sign up for $1 and cancel at any time with a click of the mouse. You will get full member access and you can see for yourself all the training we have. If you have questions you can contact me at
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