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Sailing Holidays - A Great Vacation Idea With Your Family

Sailing Holidays - A Great Vacation Idea With Your Family

One of the best things about family sailing holidays is the fact that they provide

an opportunity for everyone to be fully involved with the activities: from setting the sails and weighing anchor to plotting the course and using the radio. The fun comes not just from the sailing itself, but also from the joy of discovering new places for the first time and the day-to-day adventure of not knowing quite where you might end up or what you might see.

If you are new to sailing, consider a learn-to-sail holiday, while if you have a little experience, consider travelling as part of a flotilla. You will still be in sole charge of your own yacht and have complete control over the pace of your holiday, but there will be up to 14 other vessels travelling in close proximity, all under the guidance of a highly experienced skipper in the lead yacht.

Secluded Bay

This means that, should you ever need help or advice, there will always be someone close at hand. Overnight harbours are usually arranged in advance but there is plenty of scope for free sailing in the meantime. Find a secluded bay for a swim in the morning, a quiet beach for a lunchtime picnic and then head for a harbour full of bars and restaurants for a relaxing, fun-filled evening.
Sailing Holidays - A Great Vacation Idea With Your Family

Furthermore, if you are travelling during the school holidays, several of the other vessels are also likely to have children on board, giving your kids some ready-made playmates who will be around for the entire duration of your holiday.

Flotillas are not just for beginners: you can find them at all levels of experience. With many communal meals and other joint activities in the evenings, such as beach barbecues and cocktail parties, the social aspects of being part of a flotilla are among the most appealing aspects of this form of travel. If, however, you fancy a little more seclusion and your sailing skills are sufficient, it's never a problem to head off on your own for a day or two and join up with the rest of the group later.

Skippered Yacht

Popular destinations for flotilla and other sailing holidays include Turkey, Croatia and Italy, but perhaps the most popular destination for sailing family holidays is the Greek islands as there is plenty to see during the day and lots going on wherever you go ashore.

Alternatively, if you have no sailing experience at all you can always charter a skippered yacht. This allows you to experience all the fun of a family sailing holiday without having to worry about navigating, checking weather forecasts or mooring. It also means you are free to have a drink or a swim whenever you like with no fear of breaching maritime law. Should you want to learn, skippers are always more than happy to teach you the basics at whatever pace you choose.

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