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Ringing Ears Dizziness Nausea - Natural Ways to Alleviate Dizziness

Ringing Ears Dizziness Nausea - Natural Ways to Alleviate Dizziness

Ringing Ears Dizziness Nausea

Did you know that feeling dizzy is not an illness, but rather a symptom of something else? It is your body's way of communicating to you that something is not quite right with your body. Different people have different experiences when they feel lightheaded. So while for some everything around them begins to spin, some feel extremely weak and lightheaded, some others feel a slow darkness surrounding them until they black out totally. This happens due to a decrease of blood supply to the brain. Ringing Ears Dizziness Nausea

Causes of Dizziness

Lightheadedness can be caused due to several factors. Some of them are -Ringing Ears Dizziness Nausea - Natural Ways to Alleviate Dizziness

Blood Flow If there is a decrease in the flow of blood to the brain, it may result in feeling lightheaded.

Panic attacks A panic attack can induce dizziness because during a panic attack, too much of oxygen reaches the brain. And this may result in feeling giddy.

High Blood Pressure People, who suffer from high blood pressure problems or hypertension, may complain of this symptom.

Low Blood Pressure Low blood pressure can also cause faintness, suppose a person's blood pressure drops, they may feel dizzy, lightheaded or may even pass out. This is due to insufficient oxygen-rich blood being delivered to the brain.

Previous injuries History of a head injury may also trigger the faint feeling.

Dehydration Lightheadedness can occur due to loss of water in the body, which can happen due to possibly excessive sweating, vomiting or even diarrhea. Sometimes dehydration can occur due to a fever as well.

Depression and stress Depression and stress can bring a bout of giddiness to the system.

Meniere's disease This is a severe form of vertigo which can make you feel giddy, with complications such as vomiting and ringing in the ears. Ringing Ears Dizziness Nausea

Natural ways to alleviate dizziness

Although a number of medications can help in this task, most of them have undesirable side effects and can cause discomfort in the long run. It is, therefore, advisable for people to go for natural ways to remove symptoms of giddiness. Some of the most effective natural ways are -


Ginger extract can alleviate dizziness that arises from travel. Symptoms of motion sickness can be removed by ginger. Ginger has certain characteristics that can balance the conflicting signals received by the brain from the inner ear. This particular property of ginger makes it efficient in removing symptoms of dizziness.

Celery Juice

Celery Juice can be also be effective in alleviating the faintness that results from high blood pressure.

Gingko Biloba

It reduces the tension between the conflicting signals between the brain and the inner ear. It helps in relaxation of the nerves and eases the conflicting of signals, and can ease the symptoms of dizziness.

Honey Ringing Ears Dizziness Nausea - Natural Ways to Alleviate Dizziness

Honey is an effective natural method to remove symptoms of faintness. Honey combined with apple cider vinegar and warm water is said to be very effective.

These natural ways mentioned above can definitely ease the feeling of faintness, but it is advisable to never take any case of dizziness lightly. It is a symptom for an underlying problem and immediate medical attention is recommended. Ringing Ears Dizziness Nausea

Ringing Ears Dizziness Nausea - Natural Ways to Alleviate Dizziness

By: Tinnitus Expert
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Ringing Ears Dizziness Nausea - Natural Ways to Alleviate Dizziness