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Reptiles Q&A

Reptiles Q&A

Author: petsfaq

Ball Python General Question?

Please, if you could, tell me everything you know about the thinking of Ball Pythons. Things like an ideal set-up, what i should put at the bottom of the tank, the best entity i can feed it. There is no wrong answer here. i have been doing...

Ball Python Habitat suggestions?Reptiles Q&A

I just Bought a new ball python and be wondering if it could be around marijuana smoke. I was also wondering if any one out in that had any suggestions or tips.

Ball Python handleing interview?

I just bouat a ball python as big as your fore arm.. And the lady said she merely ate last night.. So how long should I wait till I can hold her plzzz comfort!!

Ball Python heat Tempature?

I'm getting a 2-3 year old ball python what tempature should her cage be?I LOVE snakes and dont want my first one to die

Ball python housing ask ?

Can a aspen snake bedding that is from petco be used as a ball python substrate?How big does a full grown ball pythons reservoir need to be?

Ball python inheritance request for information...?

what are all of the current lesser platinum morphs out there? eg. woma x low-grade = platinum woma, lesser x lesser = leucistic, lesser x bumblebee = queen bee...and what do you come up with would make a really cool lesser cross?

Ball python interview?

What substrate to use for a ball python.Also can I use a shoe box that is 10 and a half inches by 7 inches by 4 inches as a covering.If i can use it how long can I use it.

Ball Python--- is she too skinny? thin?

My BP eats roughly every week or so, sometimes every two weeks. But her skin feels loose and she always seem to be poking her head out from her hide like she's looking for food. She's probably 3 years antiquated, 3'10".

Ball python made a odd reverberation?

Well my ball python is in the shedding process right now. Yesterday I saw him crawl into his waterbowl, he go completely under, and a few seconds after coming out he made a few weird noise, not like a wheezing sound but kind of chirps. ...

Ball python morph backing?

I was wondering what i would get if i breed a pastel to a spider what i would bring and also if anyone can send me some other morph combos?

Ball python or corn snake or albino python ?

so thanks everyone you eliminated the boa constrictor .since they get up to 10 foot .but yes, im a first time snake owner .and my friends own snakes .& im around them all the time .most of the own ball pythons .one of them owns an albino...

Ball Python ownership Question?

Ive gotten many different opinions from my research so ill ask you guys. What is everything entity i need to own a ball python.(cage size,bedding,how to control and what humidity is needed, handling ect.)


what is a good web site or number i can go to to provide my ball python...he bite my little bro so im goin to sell him..please help (tank and everything is included) $140

Ball python quiz?

Can you please tell me if I have everything right for a little one ball python.20 gallon tank (i will get a bigger one eventually)aspin substratemarine bowl big enough for him to curl up inbasking spot log2 logs as hiding spots one on thaw out side other...

Ball python retic eyes?

i just got a cinnamon piebald het ball python and i notice his eye are not like my regular the top half is faded and it looks like he have retic eyes i can see them move when i move why is this?

Ball Python- shed is nearly total but eyes still look a bit stupid?

This is Zoot Suit's first slough. It is almost complete but her eyes still look a bit dull. Should I present it a little more time or do something (and WHAT) about the eyes? I know that retained eye caps can be a TRUE problem....

Ball Python Substrate and...?

How to properly introduce a female BP to a male BP? I have a manly BP and I am getting a female soon. I was wondering how to introduce them properly and safely. Also, as for the substrate, I hold good enough substrate but was wondering what...

Ball python substrate?

i was gonna use reptile carpet till i heARD THAT THEY LIKE TO BUROW NOW AND THEN PLZ HELP ME PICK out some good substrate that they can borow contained by

Ball python trys to strike but wont get hold of it??

31/2 ft ball python strikes towards the rat but wont get it its striked about 15 times and zilch what could be wrong?

Ball pythons and/or runner pythons?

Can anyone tell me any good breeders that sell orb pythons and/or carpet pyhtons and are reliable and good. The closer to seattle washington the better but any still works, thank you.

Ball pythons humidity too lofty?

Is there a point when the humidity in a BP's tank is too elevated? My tank stays around 85-90 degrees on the warm side and 75-80 degree on the cool side, but the humidity generally stays around 80% or higher. Is this too high? ...

Ball pythons.. prohibited or officially recognized?

does anybody know if ball pythons are illegal or permissible in the state of iowa?? thanks

Basic wildlife licence surrounded by Victoria Australia.?

Hey. i am 15 years old and i am going to apply for a basic wildlife licence. i live in Victoria. It sais i stipulation written consent from my parent, do i just put this on a seperate sheet? wat should she write? also how do i...

Beadie will not chomp through or begin eyes backing?

my beadie will not eat or open his eyes but is moving around greatplease help

Bearded deargons who can facilitate?

can someone please give me as much info on the set up and well being of a beardy similar to does the heat and light have to be on at adjectives times feeding and maintanance of the tank the right temperature contained by fact anything relavant i...

Bearded dragon - vivvarium size?

Dear Yahoo Answerers, I bought my first beardie about a month ago. I took a long time to decide whether or not it was right to preserve such an animal as a pet because of the restricted room provided by a viv.I bought the biggest...

Bearded Dragon abet please! :)?

My bearded gradon is about a year old and he doesnt move around seriously. He is very responsive with his head and eyes, but he rarley moves around his enclose. Is there a problem?

Bearded dragon acting crazy?

okay well i just got a child bearded dragon about 4 days ago.he was pretty relaxed the first day I got him but now he's be acting pretty crazy...running around his tank and trying to squirm out of my hands...and he didn't eat anything nowadays although he...

Bearded dragon acting strange?

This morning my bearded woke up with a black beard and he hissed at me. He wouldn't eat anything when he woke up any. I read in a book that beardies are supposed to hibernate in december. Could this be the problem? This is the first winter...Reptiles Q&A

Bearded dragon- adjectives info please?

heya,a friend of mine wants 2 buy a bearded dragon and i was wondering whether u could give me as much info as possible on them please as he does not have the internet so i said i would print some things pretty clueless almost them...

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