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Reliable Car Shippers Can Transport The Vehicle For You

Reliable Car Shippers Can Transport The Vehicle For You

There are many logistics to be worked out for a cross country move

. One of those is how are you going to get your cars to the new home. One of the easiest ways to move a car is to use car shippers.

If you drive one vehicle and a spouse drives the other, then caravanning across the country can be a long drive. If you move yourself, one vehicle can be towed behind the moving van, but what do you do with the other vehicle.

Some people end up selling one of their vehicles and replacing it when they get to the new home. Buying a new car is not always an option and who knows what you you will get in a used car. It is a shame to sell a perfectly good vehicle and hope to get something close as a replacement one at the new place.

If that second or third vehicle is a restoration or antique vehicle, there may be no replacement available and you certainly cannot replace the car when you get to the new place. Driving the car is also not feasible.
Reliable Car Shippers Can Transport The Vehicle For You

Shipping costs for vehicles are very reasonable. The cost may not be that much more than you would pay for gasoline to drive your car that distance. The vehicle will arrive safely and in the same shape as when it was loaded onto the truck.

Your vehicle will be shipped on a trailer loaded with several other vehicles that are headed to a similar destination. This will save adding all of those miles to your vehicle. Once it is safely delivered, you can resume driving the vehicle.

Since several cars will be on the trailer, normal shipping can take two to three weeks. Some shippers offer an upgrade that allows you to get your vehicle to the new destination quicker if needed.

Vehicles can also be shipped in enclosed trailers to avoid more of the possible dangers or the roads like flying gravel chips. You will have to pay extra for this service, but may find that the extra cost is another layer of insurance for that collectors car.

Many of the services offer door to door service. They pick up the car at your old home, transport it and deliver to the new home. If there is a delay in your getting to the new home, they offer storage of the vehicle until you are able to make it to the new home.

If you are making an extremely long move and will be using professional movers, why not ship both vehicles. Send one vehicle ahead a couple of weeks in advance so that it will be waiting when you get to your new destination. Keep the other with you for transportation needs as you get ready for the move. Have the shippers pick up the second car and ship it to the new residence while you fly. You will not be without a vehicle on either end. You are not worn out from the long drive when you arrive at your new home.

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