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Rediscover Your Inner Child

Rediscover Your Inner Child

When you go sightseeing, you expect all the usual things on your itinerary museums and galleries

, local landmarks, old buildings or houses. What you don't expect is that the list will include "soft toy factory". That's exactly what the Hansa factory is though a sought-after destination. With fans such as Oprah, it has acquired much interest, and the levels of excitement from adults that's only usually seen in kids at Christmas.

So what is all the fuss about? Well, Hansa toys aren't your average soft toys. They are designed to have a life-like quality, each one made using the actual animal characteristics and dimensions of the living creature it represents. The fur' on each toy is multi-tonal, reflecting the true colours of the animals' coats, and Hansa are so invested in their art that they even make toys that children can actually sit on.

Hansa began 12 years ago, and has grown into a busy and successful company, employing over 300 workers and producing an average of 3,000 toys a day. These are transported to 21 countries, so you can visit shops from England to Australia and see the variety of life-like toys available. Hansa doesn't have celebrity fans for nothing each toy is beautifully crafted thanks to the meticulous research and strict quality control that he company implements.

"We have designers and our own research and development department that make sure that each colour, spot or stripe on an animal's skin is carefully and correctly reproduced," says Hans Axthelm, managing director and CEO of Hansa.

On top of this, each fabric is analysed to ensure a close replication of the real animal's skin. The fibres are measured to the thickness of the animal's skin, then reproduced to match it. The most popular toy is the giraffe which comes in sizes ranging from 70cm to a whopping 4.82m tall.

If you'd like to rediscover your inner child and buy a plush toy online from Hansa, visit the Soft Toy Animal Kingdom website for a huge range of these amazing toy animals.

Rediscover Your Inner Child

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Rediscover Your Inner Child