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Reasons Why Purchasing Cat Health Insurance Is Important

Reasons Why Purchasing Cat Health Insurance Is Important

The whole element of surprise when it comes to cat nature is one of the reasons why cats are such popular pets and why most people love them

. Thats why many cat owners choose to purchase cat health insurance to cover the veterinary bills of their cat just as they have health insurance for themselves to cover their own medical bills. From the vaccinations needed for kittens to the care of a senior cat, cat health insurance is an inexpensive way to help protect your cat and your finances.


Clumps of hair found in your cats digestive tract, hairballs can be life-threatening if your cat cannot eliminate the hairball. This common cat malady can even require surgery to remove the hairball in extreme cases. If you have cat insurance , you can save your cat with this simple surgery without being faced with exorbitant veterinary costs.

Urinary Tract Infections

If your cat cries when using his litter box, has accidents around the house, or suddenly starts missing the litter box altogether, it might be a sign your cat has a urinary tract infection. While veterinarians can treat many cases of urinary tract infection with a round of antibiotics, if the infection causes a blockage or spreads to the kidneys, pet health insurance will help you pay for the expensive surgery that will save your cats life.

Respiratory Problems

Just like humans, cats can have respiratory problems that caused them to feel listless and suffer from wheezing, eye discharge, runny nose, cough, and fever. Veterinarians can treat some respiratory illnesses with antibiotics, but if your cats fever gets too high, a respiratory illness becomes life-threatening requiring a veterinary hospital stay to avoid brain damage or death due to high fever. You can rest easy knowing your cat will likely pull through and wont have to worry about going broke over your cats pricey veterinary bills if you have a pet insurance policy in place.

Other Reasons

Other health problems that may require costly veterinary treatment include abscesses, diabetes, kidney failure, and more. The biggest reason to find out more about purchasing a cat insurance policy is that it lets you focus on your cat in his time of need, instead of having to focus on going broke over veterinary treatment. Your cat is a loved member of your family, so why not protect his health with a pet health insurance policy just as you protect and insure your own. While youre at it, make sure your dog has coverage too with a pet health dog insurance plan.

Whether you need cat health insurance, dog health insurance, or pet health insurance for another type of pet, its important that you take the time to compare pet insurance companies. By making pet insurance comparisons, you are sure to find the dog insurance , cat insurance, or pet health coverage that protects your finances and your pets health for a lifetime.

by: Trupanion
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Reasons Why Purchasing Cat Health Insurance Is Important