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Reasons To Choose Cellulite Treatment

Reasons To Choose Cellulite Treatment

Every woman would definitely love to have a toned body and a flawless skin

. However, cellulite is an issue that most women cannot avoid. It is caused by the hormonal problems, weight gain, and many other factors. Cellulite is specific to skin structure of women and causes the skin on the hips, thighs and buttocks to look lumpy. However, luckily, safe and effective cellulite treatment is now available. This new laser-enabled treatment, Cellulaze, does not involve painful injections or surgery.

How does laser cellulite treatment work?

Cellulaze cellulite treatment is unique because it targets the structural issues beneath the skin. Cellulite occurs because fat gets trapped in cells and pushes upward against the skin when the fibrous tissue surrounding these cells becomes rigid and pulls downwards. The special laser acts to melt the trapped fat, snip the rigid tissue, and also stimulate collagen production for tighter, smoother skin. In other words, Cellulaze works to help the body repair the damaged cells that are responsible for causing cellulite. Just one short Cellulaze treatment lasting 1-1.5 hours can result in a visible reduction in cellulite. Of course, women with severe cellulite issues may need more than one session to reduce cellulite.

Why choose Cellulaze treatment?Reasons To Choose Cellulite Treatment

Today, cellulite laser treatment with Cellulaze is chosen by many people because no surgical procedure is involved and the process is very painless. This laser treatment is minimally invasive and helps in smoothening, tightening and firming the skin. Since the procedure is performed with local anesthesia, the time taken for recovery is short. With fewer risks and side effects, this effective cellulite removal treatment is gaining popularity among women of all ages.

The specific advantages of cellulite treatment with Cellulaze are

Local anesthesia is used, making this an outpatient procedure

It involves just tiny incisions and thus, recovery is easier

Risks related to surgery and anesthesia are very rare

Patients can see visible results immediately, and outcomes improve over time

With minimal bruises, bleeding or scars, patients can resume normal activities within a few days following the surgery

Softer and radiant skin is ensured

The body contour is enhanced as the bulges and bumps caused by cellulite deposits are smoothened out.

Locate a Cellulaze-trained surgeon for your cellulite treatment. If you have unwanted body fat, you can choose to have a laser liposuction procedure performed along with your Cellulaze procedure.

by: Cris White
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