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Real Estate Investing Leads: Focusing On What Works

Any successful real estate investing business is fuelled by good marketing

. Without good marketing, you do not have leads coming in, and you do not have deals. By sustaining constant marketing that works, you build a constant flow of deals.

This article discusses what you need to do to keep those leads and coming.

A few rules apply when marketing for real estate investing leads:

1)Set your target

You can invest in so many different types of properties. To be successful, you need to have a target. For instance, to wholesale properties, you might need to focus on middle income neighborhoods and properties with eqeuity.

If your target is owner financed deals, you might need to focus of properties that are owned free and clear.

A lot of people try to incorporate all business models at the same time, losing focus. This is a common recipe of getting too overwhelmed and giving upon their business. If you are wholesaling, fixing and retailing, landlording, lease options, apartments, all at the same time, something is likely to go wrong.

Focus and polish what works best for you. You can then incorporate other business models at a pace that is comfortable and manageable for you.

2)Use multiple marketing strategies

There is no single marketing strategy that can be considered all inclusive. Success in real estate investing is an additive result of several marketing strategies.

You could be attracting leads from the search engines by optimizing your real estate investor website. You can post online ads such as Craigslist.

At the same time, you could be doing direct mail marketing to your leads. You could be using post cards or letters, or both.

Bandit signs, newspaper ads, radio, etc are all media you can test and focus on what works best for you.

3)Polish your marketing message

This is a tricky part of real estate investing, but one of the most important.

You must have a message that commands instant attention and compels them to take action, whether they sign up from your real estate investing website or call you.

If you are targeting motivated sellers, remember they are flooded with numerous letters with offers of all sorts. What makes yours better than all the others?

You must therefore spend time to polish your marketing message.

4)Measure your results

If you do not measure it, you cannot manage it. You can only polish your marketing to its most successful potential if you measure your results.

If you do not know where your leads are coming from and why, you cannot fine tune your systems to achieve maximum potential. You could end up wasting a lot of time, money and effort channeling your marketing in the wrong direction.

Once you know what works, you can then focus your efforts to fine tune your business and to have a constant flow of leads, deals and profits.

by: Simon Machcria
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