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Reading the Bible Online

Reading the Bible Online

Reading the Bible Online

While having your own Bible at home is a great resource and helps you learn how to find relevant passages quickly, finding the bible online also has its place. Having the paper and binding version in your hands is often more comforting and fulfilling than a computer screen, but online bible reading has a practicality that is hard to match.

The most obvious benefit of reading the Bible online is that it is convenient. Wherever you can access the internet you can find the bible. Many pastors and church leaders take advantage of this fact by getting the bible on their smart phone so it is always close at hand for use in conversations and for finding references. If you've forgotten your bible for an important event it is still right there online.

Another perk of online bibles is the ease of looking up passages. Instead of flipping through pages to find just the book you want, you simply type it in. Most Bibles online also include a search function, which can be invaluable when you are looking for a passage and can't remember where it is. Faster and more accurate than a concordance, this function allows for rapid searches that can keep your research, bible study, or in depth conversation moving along.

The wealth of information available in theBible online is another important consideration. With most programs, you can flip through different versions of the bible with ease, rather than needing multiple books and pages open. This is particularly valuable if you want to compare translations or want to try another translation in order to make a point more clear.

Many programs also include the original Greek and Aramaic for scholars who want to do their own translation work and see for themselves what the bible says. With the bible online, you also have access to thousands of commentators at the push of a button. This can be great for bible studies or clearing up confusing or theologically deep passages.

Comparing multiple theological viewpoints can help you decide exactly what it is you believe. Annotated bibles are large and unwieldy and often only contain a few opinions, making the online bible a much broader resource.

While it is not a replacement for paper bibles, the bible online can be very useful, to scholars, clergy, and laymen alike. The ease of use and breadth of information is well worth considering.

To find a bible for your own please check out this site with many different volumes as well as cover and other accessories.
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